On TV Tonight, Sunday, 12/15/13: Psych, Homeland and More

TV Equals Schedules Fall 2013 Sunday

Our Picks

Bob’s Burgers – 8:30pm FOX
Bob’s Burgers‘ Christmas episode? Of course I’m recommending this. The Belcher family is going to spend Christmas stranded in their car. I’m sure Gene will make up a song. It’s going to be great. On a slightly unrelated note, haven’t the Belchers been stranded in a lot of weird places this season? They’ve been trapped on an island, lost in the woods, the kids were held hostage in their cardboard hideout…their collective family New Year’s resolution should be to stay home more.

Psych: The Musical – 9pm USA
14 original songs. Anthony Rapp guest stars. Yang is back. This everything you’ve wanted out of Psych, I promise. You’ll be humming “I’ve Heard it Both Ways” in the shower for weeks after this.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Reunion – 10pm CBS
I don’t watch reality television, but this reunion special has all of the makings of a train wreck of epic proportions. This season’s theme involved pitting family members/loved ones against one another. Now they have to sit down and discuss what they did. If CBS had been really smart they would have filmed each person’s holiday festivities live. “Mom, pass the gravy?” “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you BECAUSE YOU VOTED ME OFF YOUR ISLAND.”


8 PM – 9 PM

Survivor – 8pm CBS

Finding Christmas – 8pm Hallmark Channel

Once Upon a Time – 8pm ABC

The Simpsons – 8pm FOX

9 PM – 10 PM

Family Guy – 9pm FOX

Homeland – 9pm Showtime

Revenge – 9pm ABC

All I Want for Christmas – 9pm Ion

American Dad! – 9:30pm FOX

Treme – 9pm HBO

10 PM – 11 PM

Betrayal – 10pm ABC

Masters of Sex – 10pm Showtime

Witches of East End – 10pm Lifetime

Instant Mom – 10pm Nick Jr.

Getting On – 10pm HBO

Ja’mie: Private School Girl – 10:30pm HBO

(Please note: The image grid at the top is the default Fall 2013 schedule and might not always represent what is currently airing tonight. Please make sure to look at the list below to get the most up to date information.)