The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Review “I Heard a Rumour”

I Heard a Rumor

It’s sometimes hard for me to marry the idea of this sweet, innocent Carrie Bradshaw with the girl we watched on Sex and the City for six years, but her first adventure with the gossip mongers on Page Six this week saw The Carrie Diaries move towards the big city life that has been teased all season. For a change, however, it was the small town plot lines that made the most impact this week, and I dare say I was far more invested in the Carrie/Sebastian/Maggie stuff than I was with anything Larissa and Samantha did.

That’s a first for me and, as I suspected last week when the word ‘abortion’ was uttered (still a rarity of any teen drama), Maggie’s storyline has been mined for maximum drama. I don’t mean that as a criticism, either, as I feel like the storyline was sensitively handled even if the decision of whether to terminate her pregnancy was ultimately taken away from her by medical complications. It was also a little different to have Sebastian be the one guiding her along, since whenever a television show dares to tackle an abortion storyline, it’s usually punctuated by the idea of sisterhood.

I never really fell in love with Sebastian last season, but his character has really become one of the strongest presences of the show this year. His relationship with Carrie has also been made infinitely more interesting by both of their experiences away from each other and, while I wouldn’t have hated it if Maggie and Sebastian had actually given into their chemistry and become a couple, it feels like the right time for he and Carrie to rekindle things. Weaver turned out to be bad news, and now Carrie might be starting to realise that, just because something is new and interesting, it doesn’t make it better for her.

The added wrinkle of a town-wide assumption that Sebastian was the father of Maggie’s baby will make things more complicated than simply getting back together, however, but that’s what we watch teen dramas like The Carrie Diaries for, right? It helps that the scandal here is something genuinely dark, and I was surprised by how far the series was willing to go. Lesser men would have cowed under the rage Maggie’s father brought with him to the hospital, but Sebastian just stood there and took it for the sake of his promise to Maggie. Judging by the promos, he won’t have to keep that secret for much longer.

By comparison, most of the other things going on in ‘I Heard a Rumour’ kind of seem like filler, and I didn’t love how Carrie’s brief mud-slinging contest with Weaver played out. While she didn’t have to become a tabloid whore and sell a salacious kiss and tell, a dose of his own medicine really wouldn’t have hurt. I get that she’s the moral centre of this universe, but I thought her retraction showed weakness rather than strength, and would have preferred if things were left as they were once Carrie went to the hospital. The big cliffhanger here was Walt’s own paparazzi moment, and something tells me that the revelation of his adventures in New York isn’t going to go down too well with his parents.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad that Carrie has finally forgiven Sebastian and Maggie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.