Haven Season 4 Review “The Lighthouse”

Haven Season 4 Episode 13 The Lighthouse (3)

Season four of Haven ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. As Audrey attempts to push William through the door to another dimension, their touch reignites their connection. The fate of Audrey Parker is unknown, but one thing is for sure, her original incarnation, Mara, is back. Taking away the heroine of the tale is a bold move, especially in a season finale where the next season has not yet been confirmed. Let’s hope they know something we don’t, because if this show ended with Audrey seemingly gone, that would be a huge kick to the face for fans.

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We start with Duke facing the difficult task of ending the trouble of the family with the deadly crying baby. Audrey restores his curse and he shoots the father. In the process of regaining his power, Duke feels that the original Audrey try to reemerge. Unlike Nathan, Duke has serious concerns that the return of Mara will mean the end of Audrey. The scene with Duke emerging from the house after the killing was heartbreaking. At least we see that it takes a toll on him – unlike how Wade acted after he killed Jordan.

I liked that Audrey tries to follow Duke, but Jennifer blasts right past her. Jennifer has filled the void in Duke’s life that Audrey never could. Jennifer is Duke’s other half. I am actually surprised that Audrey and Jennifer aren’t closer. There was a lot to cram into a short season, so maybe that’s why we didn’t see a lot of bonding between the two leading ladies. It would be nice to see Audrey have a close friendship with a woman. We almost got that with her therapist, but that’s about it. It would give Audrey an added layer of complexity and show that she’s not just the center of the universe for every guy in town.

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Audrey comes up with a hair-brained schemed to get William to the lighthouse. She will tell him that she wants to know more about Mara, and while he’s distracted, Nathan will shoot him with a tranquilizer gun. It’s not a big surprise that the plan doesn’t exactly work out. William suspects the ruse and his goons capture Nathan. Luckily, our Audrey is still around and she helps Nathan to capture William.

Haven Season 4 Episode 13 The Lighthouse (1)

They bring William to the lighthouse. They’ve figured out that all four of the people who need to stand on the symbol have to be from another world. Audrey, Jennifer, and William fit that description, but the fourth is a mystery. Until Dave confesses that he is from the other world, too. We learn that Dave and Jennifer were brought to Haven by agent Howard and put up for adoption. This raises some interesting questions. First, how would babies from another dimension end up in Haven? Were their parents in Haven at one point or did agent Howard retrieve them from the other dimension? Second, what is their purpose in being in Haven? Dave seems to think it’s just to hide out, but there must be more to it. Are they special guardians? We need answers, which means we need another season (or two, three, four, etc.).

Duke discovers that regaining his trouble is not without serious consequences. The physical toll is too much. As William later explains, all of the troubles within Duke have been activated. They overwhelm his body and Duke’s life is in danger. Duke’s survival isn’t in serious doubt because who could imagine Haven without him? Jennifer may not be so lucky, though. After opening and shutting the door, she collapses and it looks as though she’s gone. Jennifer can’t be dead. She can’t. She’s been a wonderful addition to the team.

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That’s two of our heroes with mortal peril, so what about the rest? Mara is back and the season ends with her asking who is going to help her get William back. I doubt that any hands in the room shoot up. I still have faith that Audrey is in there somewhere. At least Nathan, Dave, Vince, and Dwight escape relatively unscathed.

Colin Ferguson does such a great job as William. He is a perfect combination of menacing and charming. He’s the bad guy that you can’t help but want to keep around. When Nathan pushes him through the door, it’s a bittersweet moment – William gets what he deserves, but we lose a fantastic villain. With Mara intent on getting him back, it may be that we haven’t seen the last of him.

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In addition to the uncertainty of the fates of Mara/Audrey, Duke and Jennifer, a bigger mystery is what they let into Haven when they opened the door. Dave has been warning all season that it is a bad idea to open the door. What was pulling Dave into the other dimension? Is it a realm of demons?

There are so many unanswered questions that it would be downright cruel to leave Haven fans hanging. There MUST be a fifth season. This has been far and away the best season of Haven, and it ranks at the top of my list of well-written, interesting, and creative shows. If we lost it for yet another ghost show, I’m going to throw out my cable box.

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