Grimm Season 3 Review “Twelve Days of Krampus”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 7 & 8 Cold Blooded;Twelve Days of Krampus (2)

When I saw that Grimm was doing a Krampus Christmas episode, I was super excited. I can’t help but like wacky foreign traditions. For those not familiar with Krampus, he’s a demonic anti-Santa who scoops up bad children, stuffs them in his sack, and eats them. This is almost as awesome as the Portugese Christmas tradition of the caganer – a defecating figure added to nativity scenes for luck.

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with Grimm’s take on Krampus. In this incarnation, he tracks down ne’er-do-well skateboarders who are going around stealing Christmas presents. He then stuffs them in his sack and hangs them in baskets in a tree. I was hoping for a darker, more menacing Krampus – one that actually took bad little kids. They wasted an opportunity to make this a scary figure. He almost seemed comical – even with the CG tongue.

Monroe and Rosalee had a bizarre dispute over the meaning of Christmas. Monroe was overdoes it with the Christmas decorations, as you would expect from him. Rosalee is not happy because she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. When she was young, her favorite aunt and uncle were killed in a car accident on their way to visit for Christmas Eve. This is such a hackneyed scenario, and she really should be over it by now. Juliette suggests that they make their own Christmas tradition, so Rosalee reconciles herself to the decorations and adds her touch by leaving a cigar and beer out for Santa. While this was all ridiculously contrived, the point was nice – that Rosalee and Monroe are able to compromise out of respect for one another.

Meanwhile, there is still more drama in the royal household, though I’m still not sure what’s going on. What exactly is Renard doing there? He doesn’t seem like he is interested in taking control of the family, so why didn’t he just stay in Portland? It doesn’t help that everyone’s fake accents makes it difficult to make out what they’re trying to say. Renard’s representation to the group that he “has a Grimm” was interesting. How exactly does he think he has Nick? More importantly, what does he think Nick can do for him?

Renard visits Adalind’s hotel room and figures out that she’s being watched. He leaves her a note as a warning. It was kind of surprising that Adalind wasn’t more shocked to get a message from Renard. It seems like she has been gone forever, and has no contact with him. I hope that Renard learned a valuable lesson from his snooping – never sniff red goop in jars.

The highlight of the episode for me was the beat down that Nick and Hank give Santa. It’s hilarious that both men are oblivious to the cries of the young kids and the cell phone camera pointed at them. They should know that in this day and age, you are always being watched.

It looks like the next episode will finally give us some answers on baby Renard. It’s about time – longest pregnancy ever.

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