Grimm Season 3 Review “Cold Blooded”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 7 & 8 Cold Blooded;Twelve Days of Krampus (5)

Last night’s Grimm was not a 2-hour episode, but rather two 1-hour episodes aired back to back. So, I’m splitting up my review to address each separately. Up first was a creature feature that brought new meaning to the alligator in the sewer urban legend.

After a spate of home invasion murders, Hank and Nick are on the trail of the killer. The nature of the wounds tips them off that they are not dealing with a human. They get a lucky break when a sewer worker is murdered. They rush to the scene of the crime and determine that there is something hiding out in the tunnels. Wu provides some fantastic comic relief once they descend into the tunnels. I like the way his character is incorporated with the group. He’s still ignorant about Wesen, which is a good contrast to Hank, Renard, and Nick. Beyond that, he is jaded in a sarcastic kind of way that can lighten up the horrifying.

This episode solidified the shifting dynamic in the group. Back when Hank didn’t know about the Wesen, Nick had to rely more on Monroe. Now that Hank is in the super secret club, he and Nick team up more often now. This leaves Monroe in an awkward spot. Given the number of main characters, this probably needed to happen. But, they need to make sure that Monroe’s house doesn’t become an informational drive thru that Nick hits up when he’s too lazy to do research in the trailer.

I still think they need a central lair. We’ve now got everyone split up in different locations. I’m not saying they need a Mystery Machine – maybe something more like a secret library like they have on Sleepy Hollow.

The power struggle in the royal family takes a turn with the appearance of Renard’s cousin, Viktor Beckendorf. If we had to lose James Frain, I can think of no one better to step into void than Alexis Denisof. As a diehard Buffy fan, I am always pleased to see Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Viktor looks like he’s going to be a formidable match for Sean. Both men know that Adalind is carrying some sort of demon spawn, but it’s not clear if either knows who the father is. It’s also unclear what the end game is for the baby. I kind of have the feeling that once it arrives, Adalind is going to succumb to a wicked maternal instinct.

Things are still not quite right with Nick. When he puts on the vambrace weapon, he flashes back to his time as a zombie. He also continues to enjoy super hearing. We need to know what this all means. It’s time for Nick’s mother to pay him a visit and provide some helpful exposition.

I was a bit confused by the story with Renard in the motherland. I get that they are trying to figure out who killed Eric Renard, but there seems to be something else going on. Also, I didn’t get the impression that Viktor thought Adalind was responsible for the murder, so why is he watching her on hidden camera? We still need a lot of answers.

I have to say that I loved the little drawings of the Gelumcaedus in the book and on the vambrace. Particularly, the one on the vambrace. It looked like something you could pick up at the Jurassic Park gift shop at Knott’s.

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