White Collar Season 5 Review “Digging Deeper” – Is Neal In Too Deep?

White Collar Season 5 Episode 8 Digging Deeper (7)

In this episode of White Collar, called “Digging Deeper,” Peter and Neal get to play with dinosaurs on case, while continuing their game of cat-and-mouse when Peter uncovers Neal’s relationship with Rebecca.

You know that an episode of TV is good when it really makes you think and, boy, did this episode make me do just that. But first, let’s talk about the fun stuff.

The case itself wasn’t particularly thought-provoking, though it did give Peter the chance to show off his geekier side. Watching him gawk at the dinosaur bones and discuss the problems of realism in Jurassic Park gave me as much joy as he got from finding that massive dinosaur head at the end of the episode. Plus, I really enjoyed all of the interactions between him and Forsythe (played wonderfully by Zeljko Ivanek).

I wanted to get that out of my system so as not to forget to mention it after moving on to some of the heavier issues. A couple of episodes ago, I came to terms with my personal desire to see Neal redeemed and decided to jump on board the “let’s be bad and cut all our puppet strings” train. But after this episode, I have to wonder if that’s really what Neal wants after all and if it is, has he now gotten himself in to deep to get that freedom?

If memory serves, Neal was going after the Codex himself so that he could follow Mozzie’s suggestion and escape the strings that both Hagen and the FBI had on him. But I don’t think Neal was planning on falling for a woman that he was only supposed to use and move on from. But now he has some real feelings for her and has even told her the truth about who he really is – to some spectacular results, I might add (she didn’t exactly take that news too badly, did she?).

Now that Rebecca knows the truth, it’s possible the Neal could still go through with his plan and just take her with him. But now there’s the additional complication of Hagen getting wind of Neal’s plan to take the Code and then threatening June if Neal didn’t steal it for him. Not to mention the original complication and the whole reason that Neal is in with Hagen in the first place – the fact that he falsified his father’s confession to get Peter out of prison.

As it stands right now, Neal is in some serious hot water and all of his plans to just run away are dissipating as fast as he makes them. No matter how many ways I look at it, I can’t figure out what he’s going to do next and it’s that mystery that’s got me more and more excited to see where this season is going.

My favorite bits:

Peter pointing out that one bit of suspicious activity on the street corner was the appearance on Neal.

Peter guessing that Neal didn’t know anything about Siegel he wasn’t saying. Guess Peter can’t be right all the time.

“This is not a gift, it’s stolen property. I know the line gets blurry for you.”

The childlike joy on Peter’s face when they opened up the box with the dinosaur egg.

“You’re saying there’s a tyrannosaurus rex lost somewhere in New York City?” – Um, best case ever?

Neal pointing out that adult-Peter was acting just as excited as 7-year-old-Peter would be at the idea of tracking down a t-rex.

Mozzie barging his way in between Neal and Rebecca.

“Well, I hate to report the most obvious news, but the last thing you are is under control.”

“This is less angel and more stalker.”

Giggling so hard at Peter’s “big pooper scooper” comment.

Peter flashing his badge to make everyone in the waiting room nervous and get him in to see Forsythe.

Finding out that Peter knew about dinosaurs. That was just too adorable for words.

“They were more the size of a chicken.”
“Still, one mean-looking chicken.”

Peter asking what took Neal so long to come to the door when he knocked. Ha!

Neal in a janitor’s uniform. Yes, I know we’ve seen that before, but I enjoy it every time it happens.

Not being at all surprised when Neal kept right on exploring, even after Peter told him to get out.

The childlike joy on Neal’s face when he saw the suitcase full of money. Totally reminded me of Peter’s face with the dinosaur egg.

“Did you set off an alarm?”
“Peter, that’s hurtful.”

Neal pointing out to Peter that not everyone had a suspicious nature like he did, and Peter countering that his suspicious nature was mostly thanks to Neal Touche!

Peter talking Elle into going on a double-date with Neal and Rebecca. except that Neal wouldn’t know about it.

Peter happily telling Rebecca that he’d love to hear how Neal became an FBI agent.

Peter spotting that Neal really liked Rebecca.

Neal admitting that Rebecca looked at him the way Elle looked at Peter and he didn’t want to ruin that.

“I am not taking a bullet for a fossil.” – So picky, Neal.

The dinosaur-making montage. Great song and awesome edits.

Peter pointing out that, because it was FBI property, he could totally take the fake dinosaur egg home. I predict that is precisely where that thing will end up.

Forsythe holding the… whatever that thing was called to Neal’s neck. Yikes.

Peter tossing the USB to Neal. Beautiful.

Peter excitedly telling the agents to open the box with the mommy dinosaur in it. That was pretty awesome.

“Are all of your hobbies illegal?”
“I like chess.”
“You hustled chess in Union Square.”

Elle telling Neal that letting Rebecca know the real him was a risk he should take.

Neal telling Rebecca the truth. Wow, it sounded so much worse when he laid it all out for her like that.

Well, well, well. I guess Rebecca wasn’t as mad at Neal as she thought.

Neal finding Hagen chatting casually with June. Oh, no!

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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