TV Book Tie-in Review – Grimm – Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore

Grimm - Aunt Marie's Book of Lore

Hello fellow Grimmsters! I have a treat for you this month! I was provided a review copy of the book Grimm – Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore (it is available on buy it on Amazon). Published by Titan Books in October 2013, the book is large in format, 11″ by 8″. It has 143 pages. Just in time for holiday shopping, let me tell you my thoughts about this book!

Paperback not Leather

Grimm - Books in the trailer

While it is not leather bound like the book Nick reads on the program – although… that would be a sweet idea for a collector’s edition, are you listening Titan? – it is clear there was considerable effort put into making this book look like Nick’s book in every other way. As I read through it, I kept flashing to episodes when the book is referenced and remembering watching Nick, Monroe and the gang use the book to do research on the latest Wesen problem. There are also large flaps that continue the picture of the strap from the front and back, so you could theoretically use them to close the book, sort of, but because of the thickness of the book, and the stiffness of the cover, it really is not very practical.

Similar to the Book Used on TV

Nick - Grimm

It is full of the same types of illustrations we see on Grimm, and then they also threw in some photos taken from the program for good measure and to help illustrate the Wesen being discussed. The text varies between different script fonts and sizes, to make it appear it was written by different Grimms thorough the ages. There are also splotches of red – blood, I assume – throughout the book on various pages.

Some of the text is in the original German, Japanese or Spanish, but also translated into English, since Monroe can’t be everywhere to translate for us – although, again, not a bad idea. I could use a Monroe to help with this stuff!

Wesen Index

Grimm - Titan Book Wesen Index page

In the front is an alphabetical Wesen Index. Many of the Wesen listed are crossed out, and do not appear in this book. The ones that do have the page number where they appear written next to their name so you can find them easily in the book. Interestingly enough, some of the crossed out Wesen are ones that have appeared in the first three seasons – for instance, Fuchsbau, the type of Wesen that Rosalee is, is crossed out. My hope is that there will be another edition of this book that will cover more of the Wesen listed but not included.

Hard to Read Script

Grimm - Titan Book page

What annoyed me about this book – well, a couple of things. First, some of the font scripts are like really bad handwriting, and in places nearly impossible to read. I am pretty good at reading unreadable cursive, thanks to a former boss, and got most of the words, but in a few places, well, I just skipped some words. This was not a terrible problem, since I still was able to understand what it said via the context. I suppose they were going for authenticity and figured that not every word would be readable.

Dark Blood Spatter

Grimm - Titan book page

Then there was problem number two. Remember those blood splotches I mentioned earlier? They are pretty cool if you are not grossed out by that type of thing, but in places the blood is so dark that you cannot read the text because the print is not dark enough to stand out from the background. Again, this is probably motivated by a desire for authenticity, but I would rather have the blood be a little lighter and be able to read the words.

The third problem was that there were a couple of places where the pages seemed to be out of order. For me, since I am a very linear thinker, it was annoying to be reading then realize that I needed to read the pages backwards. I suppose that in a journal it is possible you might write something then add more later on a previous page. So, again, this might be an artifact of an attempt at authenticity.


Despite the couple of things that annoyed me, I really enjoyed reading this book and looking at the wonderful illustrations. For any Grimmster, I think this book is a must have! Have you read this book? If you have any thoughts on it, please let me know in the comments section below!