Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Ho’ onani Makuakane” – Solving a Crime Never Forgotten

Ho'onani Makuakane (Honor Thy Father)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Ho’ onani Makuakane” (Hawaiian for “Honor Thy Father”), the team helps a man solve a murder and get back something he thought he’d lost forever.

This episode began with goose bumps for me and ended with tears. I’m sure that if Danny had been sitting next to me during this episode, he would’ve undoubtedly called me “a big softie” like he called Steve, but I don’t care. This one was shot so beautifully and done so well that there was no way I was going to get through it without a few tears.

The opening sequence was incredibly realistic and showed the action on such a big scale that I momentarily forgot I was watching a TV show. In fact, that happened a lot during this episode. Though the scene was a much quieter one, I found myself feeling the same way when the team took David back to the location of the camp and he relived his most vivid memories there.

But though there were plenty of parts that felt like a movie, there was still plenty in this one to remind me that it was indeed an episode of Hawaii Five-0. Steve and Danny, while not exactly having a cargument, still had a great scene in the car. Danny pointing out to Steve that (gasp!) he may have become a human being was great, as was Steve’s little smile when he realized that his partner might be right.

With everything that happened in this one, it’s almost hard to pick out one scene that stuck out, but if I had to I would say that it was definitely the end when David told Steve why he seemed so familiar to him. It was so moving to hear the story about Steve’s grandfather and when David brought out that glove, I was totally a goner. Putting that personal touch into story for Steve was the perfect way to end what was already a pretty darn perfect episode.

My favorite bits:

Getting goose bumps. Literal goose bumps during that opening scene. Not just the scenes from the past but the ones on the battleship.

And now back to me being totally shallow by saying that I totally liked seeing Steve in his dress blues again.

Being completely sobered while watching David’s story play out when his family was taken away to the camp.

The matching looks of surprise on Steve and Catherine’s faces when they saw Clark’s daughter.

Chin asking to shake David’s hand and pointing out that he would’ve known the gun wouldn’t have gone off.

Steve asking David, soldier to soldier, to give him his word he was telling the truth.

Steve finding a picture of his father in David’s family photo album.

Danny asking why they were running errands for a possible criminal.

“Maybe you’re becoming a human being, Steve.” – Aw. Loved the “big softie” line, too.

Steve offering to hold Danny’s hand. Aw, and also… Hahaha!

“What’s that sound, is it rain?”
“It’s rain.”
“You could’ve lied.”

David’s reaction to going back to the site of the camp.

David looking around the empty field but seeing it the way it had been.

“Listen. Can you hear her crying? I still can.”

The ceremony over the gravesite as they raised the body of David’s father.

Steve finding the sword, hidden away on a shelf.

David getting back his sword.

Steve stepping back to reveal that Clark was behind him.

David’s apology to Clark. Tears? Of course not. There’s just a lot of dust in this room. Shut up.

David giving Steve the glove.

“You have his heart. That’s how I remembered.” – Seriously, where did all of this dust come from??

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Did you have any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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