Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Get Up, Stand Up” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 12 Get Up, Stand Up (4)

Welcome to the sh!t show that is April Kepner’s wedding, Grey’s Anatomy fans! Here’s the good news about the mid-season finale, the writers gave us just enough to keep us interested enough to come back in the spring. In a mid-season finale packed with a lot of major events, I couldn’t help but wonder if our time would have been better spent with some of the events from last night in earlier episodes, instead of some of the filler we’ve previously seen. I’m still trying to figure out why we had the Callie-centric episode and I say that as someone who likes that character.

I’ve been saying all season that Matt and April’s relationship would not end well because of the unresolved feelings for Jackson and just the rushed nature of Matt and April’s courtship. Even at their strongest, Matt felt like a rebound from Jackson and some attempt by April to reconcile her religious beliefs with her pre-marital sex. As a viewer, any time spent with the couple just felt like wasted minutes that could have been spent elsewhere. Granted, the episode ended in a huge cliff-hanger with Jackson interrupting April’s wedding ceremony to declare his love for her. We don’t know what April will decide to do, but is there really any good choice here? April can admit that she loves Jackson, ditch Matt at the altar and then have to deal with an awkward work situation with both Matt and Stephanie. Alternatively, April can marry Matt and the couple can come to work every day and see the guy who tried to stop their wedding. Either choice will bring about a lot of drama that I am not interested in seeing as a viewer.

There were a few fun moments before everything got super awkward. I loved April telling the twisted sisters to can the conflict and ordering Arizona to get out of her head about her marital infidelities. There’s another good thing that came out of the wedding debacle – I think it’s safe to say that no matter what decision April makes, Stephanie and Jackson are dunzo. Hooray!

Shockingly, the Kepner nuptials were not the biggest calamity of the night. Cristina finally witnessed the Franken-Shane monster first hand. Shane might have the instinct to know when his mentor is tanking a press conference, but he completely missed the point when Cristina advised him to pipe down a bit and he thought it was an invitation of some on-call room sex. Blech. Unfortunately, Shane’s hubris may lead to heartbreak for Alex. Alex had finally come to peace with his father and wished him well in his effort to repair his relationship with his family in Florida. In the world of Grey’s Anatomy, that’s always an ominous sign. Shortly thereafter, we saw Shane commandeering Jimmy’s surgery without clearance from an attending and when things went south, he chose that very inopportune moment to check out and revel in his guilt over Brooks. Ugh.

Thank goodness Dr. Weber is back and ready to go. It looks like Weber fixed the damage created by Shane, but we won’t know until the show returns. I’m happy that Weber was there to come to Jimmy’s aid and that he saw Shane’s trip to crazy town banana pants. Shane, along with a lot of doctors at that hospital (looking at you, Leah), are in need of some serious therapy. Again, I ask, where the hell is the Human Resources department at this place?

As the episode came to an end, we were left with a lot of questions:

– Will Bailey get things back on track with her husband?

– Will Derek continue to make professional sacrifices for Meredith’s sake? Do you really turn an opportunity down after the President calls you? Would Meredith want him to turn down such a huge opportunity? Why can’t this couple hire a full-time nanny?

– Will people stop talking Leah off the ledge and just let her jump off so that we can be done with her crazy butt for good?

– Will someone finally make Shane share what the hell is going on with him?

– Will Cristina and Meredith ever truly reconcile?

– Will Jimmy pull through?

– Will April marry Matt?

And now, we wait. What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy mid-season finale? Any predictions? Sound off below!