The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Review “50 Shades of Grayson”

On the mid-season finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” amusingly titled “50 Shades of Grayson”- Grayson being Elena’s late father- we found out quite a bit about Elena’s father’s past, not all of it good. It seems that he’d been a part of the ongoing torture parade of vampires over the years, hence the title, albeit for the occasional good deeds, as it turned out he’d used vampire blood to cure certain injuries in the past, including none other than Megan, Elena’s murdered roommate. Alas Megan’s curiosity on the how came back to literally bite her in the end, as she wound up on the wrong side of Enzo, who took her life in his starved, frenzied state. Talk about curiosity killing the cat!

Of course, as Damon pointed out, that was the only good thing he’d ultimately done, insofar as using his experiments on vampires to heal people. Though claiming he’d been searching for cures for cancer and the like, a whole lot of vampires got tortured and killed in the process, which is kind of terrible. I mean, granted, most vampires aren’t exactly like Caroline and Elena, or even Stefan on a non-Ripper day, but still…using them as glorified lab rats is not too cool.

Although better that than Dr. Maxfield’s nutty plan to wipe out vampires by spawning a race of vampires wired to kill their own kind. That’s even more messed up. Not the least in that it essentially creates Rippers, who aren’t exactly known for their self-control. Surely that approach would inevitably cause some human collateral damage, right? Which kind of defeats the purpose, ultimately.

Now Aaron’s got a hold of the super-vamp serum, and I’m guessing I know who he’s going to give it to. At first, I thought he might have caused Katherine’s situation at the end, but that doesn’t make much sense, as he doesn’t know where the Salvatores live, last I checked, and why would he attack Katherine, even if he thought she was Elena? Maybe as some sort of warped revenge against Damon, but my guess is he’d rather take out the man himself. Better watch it, lest he become the first victim of Damon 2.0!

Back on the Katherine front, she discovered that Stefan wasn’t too keen on getting back together and that their fling was just that, leading her to want to live after all, despite telling her daughter differently. Nadia has an interesting potential save, though. It turns out that Katherine’s father was a Traveler, so she is part Traveler as well, which means she can do what they did to Matt early on in the season, which is to say she can transport herself into another person’s body. I’m guessing that’s exactly what will end up happening.

The question is, who? Will it be someone we know, or a new face? Honestly it would almost have to be someone new, given that Matt’s the only non-supernatural person on the show besides Katherine herself. Well, there’s Aaron and Maxfield, I guess, but I’m thinking she wouldn’t want to be in a dude’s body. Or maybe she would. She’s pretty twisted, after all. You never know. I’m guessing not, though, which means new character! (And less work for Nina Dobrev.)

Meanwhile, Enzo got to tell his story to Stefan and Aaron, and have his face-off with Damon, who he promptly threw out a window. Hey, who hasn’t wanted to throw Damon out the window from time to time? Ultimately, he wasn’t able to finish the job, thanks to some poisonous stuff Maxfield put in him, which Damon found the antidote for just in time. Alas, Enzo was still none too pleased about the situation, even after Damon admitted he turned off his humanity in order to bail on him and did some awful things in the time after that. Kind of understandable, given that he spent some sixty-odd years being experimented on. Or was it more than that? After all, he was already there when Damon arrived. Whatever the case, he’s still not a happy camper, so those two may not be done with one another.

Damon, however, seemed done with Elena, or at least he’s punishing himself for the Enzo thing by walking away from her. It was interesting how the two Dobrev characters’ scenarios mirrored one another. On one end, you had Katherine, still in love with Stefan, but him unable to forgive her for all the things she’d done to him; on the other, you had Elena, willing to forgive Damon for all the horrible things he’d done, but him not being able to forgive himself. Well played, “TVD.” And, as always, nice work from Dobrev all around. And Somerhalder, too, who deserves credit where’s its due for stepping things up this season.

Best moments: Katherine doing the walk of shame…right into a clothes rack! Also, her getting punched by her daughter for trying to commit suicide. Boy, did she have that coming, and then some. (Why is Matt helping her, BTW?) Aaron telling Maxfield off for using him as a bargaining chip- what a douche that guy turned out to be all around, right? Poor Aaron. Talk about getting a raw deal in life. And of course, the aforementioned Damon tossing, plus Katherine’s belly flop down the stairs. We know from the previews that’s she’s not quite gone yet, but I liked the looks of everyone reminiscing over shots how awful she is! Can’t wait for that bit of business next year.

What did you think of the mid-season finale of “The Vampire Diaries”? Will Enzo ever be able to forgive Damon? Or Aaron, for that matter? Will Stefan ever be able to forgive Katherine? Are Damon and Elena really done? Who will Aaron inject with the serum? Who, if anyone, will Katherine body hop into? Sound off on this and more down below, and have a happy holiday break!