The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Death’s Door”

One thing I can say about The Tomorrow People is that it keeps me guessing. Well, mostly Jedikiah keeps me guessing, but we’ll get to him in a minute. The mid-season finale was a pretty enjoyable hour of television, and it opened up a few storylines that could prove very interesting during the latter half of the season.

This episode pretty much picked up where the last one left off. John has been captured and is being held at Ultra HQ. The Founder (who really annoys me) was personally interrogating John to find out the location of the rest of the tomorrow people. Apparently, he couldn’t get inside of John’s head, so he decided to settle on torturing him. Stephen came in to stop it, and The Founder took great pleasure in revealing to Stephen that John was the one who killed Roger. John was (understandably) ashamed of what he’d done, but when Stephen asked, he told him the truth. As an aside, I really hope that at some point John and/or Stephen get a chance to take down The Founder because he’s a smug, sadistic so-and-so.

Stephen was telepathically updating Cara and Russell on John’s situation, and they decided the only way to save John was to kidnap Morgan and trade her for John. Considering some of the other harebrained schemes those three have come up with, this one was actually a pretty decent plan. It was completely dependent upon Jedikiah’s love for Morgan and John being greater than his loyalty to Ultra, but that was a risk they had to take. They successfully kidnapped Morgan and worked out a plan for Jedikiah and Stephen to help John get out of Ultra HQ. Needless to say, The Founder was none too pleased. Jedikiah admitted that he was engaged in a relationship with Morgan, and The Founder seemed to accept that that’s what Jed was hiding. He decided that Jedikiah needed to prove his loyalty, so he ordered Jedikiah to kill Morgan. Which Jed did…not.

Stephen and the tomorrow people are the heroes on this series, but Jedikiah is probably the most interesting. I wrote in my review of last week’s episode about his many conflicting character traits, and those conflicting traits were on full display in this week’s episode. Up to this point, I was pretty certain that Jedikiah had his heart and soul surgically removed. He was cold, calculating and took brutal action with seemingly no remorse or concern for others. However, in last week’s episode we found out that he actually does have feelings and that there are people that he cares about. This week, we saw just how far Jedikiah is willing to go for the ones he loves. When Cara came to him with her plan to trade Morgan for John, I half expected Jedikiah to trick Cara into being caught again. I was actually surprised when he chose Morgan over his own life. Make no mistake about it, that’s exactly what he did. Jedikiah knows that if The Founder ever puts it together that Jedikiah not only was involved in John’s escape but also faked killing Morgan, he’s a dead man. He also knows that when he decided to take those actions, he most likely won’t ever be able to see Morgan again for a very long time, if at all. Jed’s choices here are not consistent with the man we’ve seen since the beginning of the season. All of Jed’s choices in this episode were made from the heart. They came from a place of love and concern, and that’s a side of Jed that we’ve never seen. Surprisingly, I don’t think Jed regrets saving Morgan and John. He regrets that he won’t be able to see them again and he laments what he had to give up to save them, but I think if given the choice he would choose to do it again. It’s a pretty jarring display of emotion from someone who has worked so hard to suppress his emotions.

While Jedikiah was putting his life on the line, John was facing up to his past. After admitting to Stephen what he’d done to Roger, Stephen told him that he would have to be the one to tell Cara and the others. That’s not a conversation that John wanted to have, and I can’t say that I blame the guy. How do you tell the woman you love and the people who’ve been following you, that you’re the one who killed their savior? When John finally admitted everything to Cara, her reaction both perplexed and annoyed me. She wasn’t so much angry that John had killed Roger as she was angry that John had kept that a secret from her. I honestly don’t understand Cara. I don’t know why she feels entitled to know every single thing about John when she keeps so much hidden from him. When John brought up that she tried to hide the fact that she’d slept with Stephen, Cara threw it back at him that her sleeping with Stephen was his fault because he wouldn’t tell her everything. Uh…what? People are allowed to keep some things to themselves. It’s not fair (or healthy) to believe you have a right to know everything about someone and then get angry when you find out they didn’t tell you everything. John obviously loves Cara, but it doesn’t seem to be enough for her. After watching Cara’s reaction when she thought Stephen was dead, John realizes now that it’s not going to work between them. John knows that he cannot compete with the connection Stephen and Cara share, and I think he’s probably going to let Cara go. I’m not thrilled about a Stephen/Cara relationship, but it looks like that’s what we’re going to get.

Stephen made some headway in figuring out how to contact Roger. He knew that Roger is in limbo, but he didn’t know how to get there. At first, the thought he would have to freeze time mid-teleport, but after several hundred attempts, he couldn’t do it. However, while digging through some of his dad’s old files, he found a tape of Roger and Thanatos testing their theory. Roger mentioned “another way” and Stephen figured out that he would have to be dead or dying in order to freeze time and contact Roger. He had John kill him so that he could talk to his dad, and for a minute or two it looked like we’d lost Stephen. He came back and said that he had made contact with Roger though. The question now is what next? Now that you know where Roger is, how do you plan to get him back? How is finding his body going to help anything? What if they can’t find his body? So many questions!

All in all, pretty solid mid-season finale. Jedikiah is in a very precarious position, and I wonder whether that will change how he interacts with Stephen going forward. I doubt it though. I have a feeling Jed is going to remind us that he’s not all warm and cuddly soon enough. It seems that The Founder has some sort of nefarious plan for Stephen, and I want to know what it is. Did he have Roger killed so that Stephen would become a part of Ultra? Was Stephen always the endgame? How would that change if Roger were to come back? There are so many interesting directions the show could take when it comes back, and I’m really looking forward to taking that ride. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?