Nashville Season 2 Review “Tomorrow Never Comes”

Nashville Season 2 Episode 10 Tomorrow Never Comes (5)

We all know that Nashville is a soap opera – even the show knows it – and this week’s mid-season finale (until February!) really cranked up the ridiculous level to eleven. Now, if you’ve been watching this season then you know that’s saying something, but the difference here is that the twists and turns were made engaging because it felt as if they actually mattered to the characters, and even to the show moving forwards.

There were not one, but two apparent deaths in the last five minutes of the episode and, although I’m almost certain that one of them isn’t going to stick, it’s still a bold move to leave us hanging like that over such a lengthy hiatus. If we had just seen Peggy get shot then I wouldn’t have cared but, even if Will doesn’t go through with his dramatic suicide attempt, it’s a huge moment for his character. Nashville has so far treated his storyline very well, and I hope that this marks the low point before he starts to piece his life back together.

The other part of season two that’s worked really well for me is the Juliette/Avery romance, which is now officially a love connection after Juliette showed up at his door to confess her love. Their relationship has been the saving grace for Avery as a character, since he was pretty detestable during season one, and the by-product of that is how much better he currently is for Scarlett. After having to deal with her ex-boyfriend and best friend hooking up behind her back, would the writers really take Avery away from Scarlett too? As much as I want him with Juliette, it’s not the right time.

This first half of the season has been a bit hit and miss for me, but the few things that have really shined are the fully getting pushed to the forefront for it’s return in 2014. My other wishes would be for Peggy to actually be dead, for Deacon and Gunnar to succeed in their solo endeavours, and for Zoe to leave town straight away. It confuses me why Nashville always feels the need to have really hateable characters around when people like Juliette and Avery have the redemption arc-thing covered.

What did you think of the episode? What are your hopes for the second half of the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.