Mob City Season 1 Review “Red Light and His Banana Majesty”

In this week’s episodes of Mob City we got more insight into Bugsy Siegel’s criminal enterprise. We also got a little more time with Simon Pegg, as the we learned how Hecky Nash got his hands on the incriminating photos that lead to his fateful decision to blackmail Siegel.

The images that Jasmine took and Nash sought to sell to Siegel for a steep price captured the murder of Abraham Greenberg. Although the show is beginning to center more on Siegel’s upcoming murder trial, the time spent on screen with Robert Knepper’s Sid Rothman and Jon Bernthal’s Joe Teague are becoming the standout moments of the show.

When we previously saw Sid, he’d just walked into a restaurant and shot two informants in front of a room full of witnesses. One would think that would make it pretty easy to connect Sid to the crime, but that proved to be a very difficult task thanks to Sid’s connections and very intimidating presence.

After hitting a wall into the investigation, the police decided to cast a wide net and arrested nearly everyone involved in Siegel’s outfit, hoping they’d find a weak link. This led to a pretty rewarding moment in which Joe found himself charged with interrogating Sid. At any moment, Sid could have spilled the beans about Joe killing Hecky, but any fears Joe had about that couldn’t get in the way of allowing him to look like he was actually doing his job. I hope this will be one of many tense scenes this season between Joe and Sid.

The police finally found someone willing to cooperate, but Carl is no longer in custody and officially on Sid’s radar. Things got even more complicated for the police as they realized there was a mole on the team. Of course there is a mole. No mob story is complete without an inside man on the police force!

Hecky’s murder opened up Jasmine to a world of trouble. Her apartment was a high traffic zone last week as she found herself the recipient of several unwanted guests. Joe checked in to keep her updated and see what he could do to help. This pair clearly need to work past their very apparent trust issues before Joe can be of any use.

Mickey Cohen also stopped by to ask about Hecky’s pictures and to inquire about Jasmine’s ability to take pictures in the dark without the use of a flash. Although Jasmine has proven herself to be a pretty capable liar, the red light in her bathroom gave resulted in some unwanted exposure. Yup, pun intended.

Thanks to an unexpected visit from Sid, Joe overheard the mob’s plan to get rid of its Carl problem. In a really great scene, we watch Joe make smart use of a carousel as he saved Carl. With the assassination attempt botched, Sid is now on the lam.

In the second episode, “His Banana Majesty,” emboldened by having Carl in their custody, the police decided to move forward with arresting Siegel. Siegel wasn’t very worried about his arrest, as he counted judges among those on his payroll. In his first demonstration of his influence, he had his arraignment hearing moved up a day, which robbed Parker of valuable time needed to obtain the evidence that he should have had before the arrest was made.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Siegel, as his rivals used his incarceration to encroach upon his territory. In the midst of the conflict with Dragna’s faction, Stax proved to be level-headed.

Things continued to get complicated for Jasmine, as she’s now forced to deal with people to whom Hecky promised some of his blackmailing earnings. Thanks to Hecky’s murder, there was no cash to be shared with Jasmine or anyone else. Stax gave her $5,000 to help keep Shermer at bay, but of course that was only a tenth of what he felt he was owed. Her plan to hand the pictures over to him is certain to go awry.

I can’t imagine what will happen when Jasmine goes to see Joe. As the episode closed, we saw Joe being held at gunpoint by Sid – who is still set on killing Carl. This should make for an exciting pair of episodes next week.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Mob City? The show is growing on me. As long as they keep giving us more of Robert Knepper’s Sid, I’ll stick around. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!