Grimm (NBC) Interview: David Giuntoli Teases Midseason Finale and What’s Ahead in Season 3

Grimm Season 3 Episode 7 & 8 Cold Blooded;Twelve Days of Krampus (8)

Grimm star David Giuntoli recently dropped some hints about this Friday’s two-hour midseason finale “Cold Blooded” and “Twelve Days of Krampus” in a conference call. He also discussed Nick’s dark side, the European storyline and why he loves the twisty folklore used on Grimm. Check out the highlights from the interview below and be sure to tune into NBC, Friday, December 13th at 9PM ET/PT for the special Grimm double-header.

On Why The Krampus Episode Is So much Fun

For those who don’t know, Krampus is Santa’s evil counterpart and he is going to be showing up in Grimm‘s very special Christmas outing this Friday. Expect Krampus to be snatching teenagers in Portland. Giuntoli revealed that Krampus even frightened him a bit when he first saw him.

“Krampus is pretty wild, ” he said. “That guy. I mean he was – when I walked onto set and I saw the actor dressed – I mean first of all, we hired a gigantic guy to play this character. And then when I saw him as Santa with these horns, I actually had like a visceral reaction to him. I was kind of frightened in a way. It was a disturbing thing.”

The episode definitely puts a darker twist on the Christmas theme than most shows. In fact, Giuntoli joked that they “ruin Christmas.”

“So I mean there’s an actual legend of Krampus out there, and we’ve had German people asking us to do Krampus over and over again, and we finally tipped our hat to the fine people of Bavaria and we’re bringing this legend to life. We ruin Christmas for everybody and it’s gory and it’s wonderful.”

Giuntoli went on to explain that he enjoys characters like Krampus because they allow the world of Grimm to expand beyond traditional fairy tales into the realm of folklore that Nick himself then gets to chronicle. The adding on of new mythos gives Nick a greater role in the world of Grimms and gives the show new avenues to explore as they continue to mine modern folklore and legends for stories.

Grimm Season 3 Episode 7 & 8 Cold Blooded;Twelve Days of Krampus (2)

Delving into Portland’s Sewers for “Cold Blooded”

The first episode of Friday’s two-episode event is “Cold Blooded,” which will find Nick descending into the sewers looking for man-eating alligators. It turns out that Giuntoli actually did a bit of filming in the sewers for the episode, although some of it took place on a set that was constructed to replicate the sewers. The effect made for a creepy outing, but it also allowed Giuntoli to channel his inner guy’s guy. “I got to look like a actual man for once in my life and had a little, like, sewer suit on. Little hard hat. Got my little soft, city hands down a ladder into a sewer.”

Is Someone Else About to Find Out Nick’s Secret?

At this point, most of Nick’s circle knows that he is a Grimm, but Giuntoli dropped a hint that someone new will be discovering the truth about Grimms. In the past, drawing people into the world of Grimms and Wesens has proved to be dangerous. Giuntoli wouldn’t divulge whether the character was a regular or not, he only noted that they are currently in the process of filming an episode where someone finds out for the first time and has to deal with the repercussions of dealing with the idea that there is a strange and dark side of the world that they never knew about.

On the Season’s Big Bad

Fans know that there are a couple of contenders for this seasons big bad including Alexis Denisof’s (Angel, Dollhouse) Prince Viktor and Adalind. Still, as they approach the second half of the season the primary villian of the season is still up in the air. However, Giuntoli strongly hinted that Viktor will be season three’s main man.

“We have kind of a new character that emerges who is one of the I’d say two villains, but we have a new character who is one of the greater villains that we’re going to have on the show.”

On Nick’s Growing Darkness

Nick’s time as a zombie has left his character darker and stronger than ever before. That darkness will continue to grow as the season continues. Giuntoli reminded us that Nick is “no longer afraid” of the Wesens and that lack of fear is empowering. Furthermore, his new abilities like being able to hear the dead are adding depth to his character and further changing the way Nick views the world. Giuntoli welcomes the continued exploration of Nick’s dark side as the character prepares to deal with the moral quandary of killing an innocent and facing new and powerful villains as the season progresses. He believes Nick will become something of a villain, or at least someone seen as a genuine threat as the show continues.

“I think the longer Nick does this job the more he is going to become that,” Giuntoli said. “I sense that. I sense that it happens, and I’ll become that more and more to the world of Wesen.”

Meanwhile in Europe…

The story with the Royals has been building all season long, and it’s bound to come to a head soon. In fact, Giuntoli said, “The passports have all been stamped, so we’re overseas quite a bit.” He further elaborated on the growing conflict by saying:

“You know, there’s going to be a big plot line that’s going on in Europe. I – Nick is not too involved with it, at least through mid-season, though I know that’s going to start changing soon. There are – okay, I’ll – so we have the Verrat and we have the Royals. These are all bad guys. The Verrat I see as kind of the SS, and the Royals, such as Captain Renard, and his cousin, who’s being introduced as Alexis Denisof, a great actor, will be having a major conflict overseas.His cousin wants to get me and access to me. And, he comes very close very soon. And then there – we have the resistance. A kind of group of rag-tag people trying to overthrow the Royals, so we’ll be meeting some new characters overseas doing that kind of thing. Keeping an eye on Adalind.”

Conflict Among the Group

Finally, Giuntoli addressed the wavering loyalty of Monroe and Rosalee toward Nick. There is a possibility that Nick is using Monroe, a subject that will be the main plot point in an upcoming episode. Expect a falling out between the two friends to result. Giuntoli is excited about the tension though, as it is a reminder of how far the show has come and the characters have grown.

“And it’s great because am I using Monroe?” he pondered. “And in the episode that’s what I ask. I’m sitting with Juliet. I’m like, “I don’t know. He’s right. I think he’s right.”

Grimm Season 3 Episode 7 & 8 Cold Blooded;Twelve Days of Krampus (9)

What do you think Grimm fans? Are you excited for the midseason finale?

Remember, Grimm‘s midseason finale “Cold Blooded” and “Twelve Days of Krampus” airs Friday, December 13th at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.

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