Survivor Blood vs. Water Review “Out on a Limb”

With only one episode left before the three hour finale event on Sunday, Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight with “Out on a Limb”. I would have thought that the last episode would have been more appropriately titled “Out on a Limb”, as Ciera made yet another HUGE move. Tonight’s installment starts right where that left off, as Katie is sent to Redemption and Kasama is still reeling from that huge move.

The scenes before the credits are usually just boring filler as we see the tribes reactions to the tribal that they just returned from. Tonight was different, though, as one major confession was made: Tyson told Monica and Gervase that he had the hidden immunity idol! We literally just watched him resolve to keep this a secret in the scenes from last week, so I was shocked that he opened up so quickly. I mean, if you’re going to tell your alliance that you have the idol, then you need to do it as soon as you find it. Either that or wait until you have to play it to save yourself or one of your alliance members. It looked like he was just sharing it to keep Monica from talking, which he may regret later.

We then get to the Duel, where Laura wins yet again! Laura extending her win streak wasn’t the biggest news, though, as Tina sends her own daughter packing! Katie was a waste of space, and she had no place sticking around in this game any longer, but it was still very powerful to see Tina ousting her own flesh and blood. Tina looking back at her daughter as she walked through the door was heartbreaking for both of them, and it was yet another very interesting wrinkle to the whole “Blood vs. water” twist for the season.

Ciera won the immunity challenge, which was pretty darn impressive considering that she was so far behind, but she got a little too big for her britches after that. It was pretty rich for her to say “I went up against big, bad Tyson and now look where I am!” Um…yeah, you went up against Tyson and you lost, because a member of your alliance went home! The fact that you happened to win the immunity challenge the next day doesn’t enter into it, lady. It was an impressive win, sure, but you still don’t have the numbers.

The rest of the episode centered around Monica, as both of the two person alliances vied strongly for her vote. I found it a little ironic that Ciera was making up all of these mean things that Tyson said about Monica, but that Tyson was actually making fun of Monica earlier in that episode on the hammock with Gervase. I realize that Monica has been out in the sun for a long time, and maybe she’s not all there mentally or emotionally, but I was shocked that she seemed so easily swayed by Ciera’s words. She literally just told Gervase that her level of trust for Ciera is at a 5 out of 10, so I couldn’t believe it was even a question!

Maybe it was all just edited to make us think that Monica was going to flip, as she ended up staying strong and sticking with her core alliance. I honestly think that Monica had a great shot at winning this game, which is pretty darn ironic considering that Gervase and Tyson think they’re keeping her around as a lapdog. When all of the jury members are too butthurt and bitter to give Tyson the million bucks that he deserves, the 43 year old mom that’s won a bunch of immunity challenges is a pretty strong option. I guess we’ll see on Sunday!

Random Thoughts:

– Tonight was the first time that I noticed Gervase’s “Pagong” tattoo on his left arm. I love that his experience in the very first season of Survivor was such an important part of his life that he would want to permanently write something onto his skin to commemorate it. I wonder what kept him from coming back for this long?

– While I do love seeing the Redemption Island Duels, I still wish that we had separate reward challenges. I guess three challenges per episode is a little much, but I love challenges!

– Did anybody else get a huge Gwyneth Paltrow vibe from Katie when she was on the jury? Oh, and was Ciera calling her a stunner or saying that the fact that she’s hot is a stunner?