Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 6 (Channel 4) Review


We’re nearing the end of Fresh Meat’s slightly disappointing third series, and JP’s personal crisis has arrived right on time. I wondered, after his parents’ divorce and his father’s subsequent death, the show could throw at him this year and, by comparison, his rejected affections for Sam feel a little tame to be caring about. The strength of this show has always been about Jack Whitehall and his performance and, while the comedic elements are still going strong (“Japers”), we’re missing that emotional connection.

Everyone seems to have been reduced to their most grating characteristics – with Oregon almost too pretentious to tolerate, Kingsley completely without a survival instinct and Howard once again banished to the sidelines to presumably be brought back in the final episode. The only people seen to be growing this year are Josie and Vod, with the former actually putting someone else before herself for the first time ever. This week saw the return of Sabine to the house and, instead of selfishly obsessing over Kingsley’s whereabouts; she offered her a friendly shoulder and a cheap bottle of vodka.

I must admit it’s a surprise to me that Kingsley might be the one to break the relationship up, however, and his interest in Sam is something that could tear the fabric of the show apart. If he does pursue things with her – and it looks like he will – then he will succeed in alienating both JP and Josie forever. Sam has so far been so unlikeable that we’re obviously not meant to support her and JP getting together, and the only role that’s left is that of villain. It’s all I can do not to shout at the television when she’s on screen.

Oregon’s storylines are always almost too cringe-worthy to watch, and this week’s campus sit-in was no different. Like most of the characters on Fresh Meat, Oregon isn’t someone we’re necessarily supposed to like, but she is definitely someone we once might have known. While the finale to her movement was probably more gruesome than she might have hoped, the sit-in itself was a perfect example of how clueless university students can be about issues they claim to care about. Sod the panini, indeed.

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Fresh Meat airs on Channel 4 in the UK.