Arrow (CW) Interview: Grant Gustin On What’s Coming Up For Barry Allen & The Flash

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Grant Gustin made a big impression in his first appearance on The CW’s Arrow as Barry Allen, the character who will eventually become the Flash. And while he was introduced on Arrow, his character might not stick around for too long because he will be getting his own spin-off series.

However, his character is not gone yet and this latest episode “Three Ghosts” on Arrow airing tonight, December 11th, is apparently a big one you won’t want to miss.

This past weekend, Gustin took some time to answer some burning questions from journalists about his character, his future on Arrow and the Flash spin-off series. Find out what he had to say below.

On what’s coming up for Barry on Arrow

Gustin teased “A lot of good Barry/Felicity scenes. That’s mostly what’s happening. And then the beginning of an origin for Flash.”

Gusting also shared that Barry would “find some confidence as his friendship with Oliver develops and with the team, in general, just because I think they’re gonna help instill a lot of confidence in him that’s lacking right now. I think that’ll be the biggest change soon to come.”

On his favorite Arrow scene

Gustin teased that episode 9 (airing tonight) is “one of the more exciting episodes of ‘Arrow’ that they’ve ever done, for a lot of different reasons. I mean it’s the second part of the midseason finale. And it’s gonna live up to the hype, I think. It’s a really, really good episode.” He added, “There are a lot of great ‘Arrow’ moments happening. But, like I said, the beginning of the origin story takes place towards the end of the episode. And it is pretty true to the comics and it is pretty awesome.”

On Barry and Felicity’s chemistry

Gustin shared that they had a lot of fun playing all those scenes and added, “I know in episode 9 there’s definitely some more fun scenes between Barry and Felicity. I don’t know what the future is, though, of that.”

On how faithful his character is to the original comic

Gustin explained that they are working with the best from the comic world, including Geoff Johns, currently with DC Comics, who apparently is the main writer for Flash at the moment. Her also shared, “we’re also kind of developing our own Flash and my own version of Barry and the Flash. And it’s gonna have, I think, tastes of a very classic Flash and a new spin on it, as well.”

He also shared that he has been reading everything about the Flash he can get his hands on and talking with Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg and the guys that know the character. He explained that he is “throwing in my own flavor” and creating the character from scratch in a way as well.

And in case you’re wondering, he has not watch the John Wesley Shipp series yet because he didn’t want it to influence his take on the character.

On what he likes about Barry

Gustin explained, “He’s likable. He’s smart. You root for this character. You want him to succeed. And that’s fun to play. It’s fun to be a likable character. And he’s also about to become one of the coolest, most classic superheroes that there’s ever been. So that’s pretty awesome, too.”

On how the character will launch off Arrow

Unfortunately, Gustin has not been told much so far about the launch of the character into his own show, but he did tease that there is a potential for some of the Arrow characters to make appearances in the Flash spin-off.

On the Flash spin-off

Turns out Gustin doesn’t know much more than we do. He hasn’t been given a pilot script to read yet, so is still pretty much in the dark.

However, he did have his first measurements taken for it, but he has no idea what the suit will look like.

On the atmosphere on the set of Arrow

Turns out the Arrow set is pretty funny group, Gustin shared that he had a lot of fun working with them. Apparently, David Ramsey is hilarious and a prankster, Gustin explained that he made funny faces at him during his coverage for one of his scenes in the first episode.

On what superber skill he would like to have

Gustin surprised everyone by sharing that he would like to be able to heal anybody of anything. He did add “Flying would be cool, too, though. I’ve always wanted to fly. Maybe one day.”

Don’t miss ‘Arrow’ tonight, December 11th at 8pm on The CW.

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