Syfy Releases First ‘Bitten’ Trailer

Bitten (1)

Werewolves are making a comeback in a big way this January on Syfy.

The network has released the first trailer for the intense (and awesome) looking Canadian import Bitten, a series that tells the story of the last female werewolf (Laura Vandervoort). Her welcome party upon joining the pack includes a bone-cracking first transformation, a hostage situation that she is more than capable of getting out of and a group of rather attractive packmates–so all in all, it’s not a terrible deal. Check out the trailer below. Are you excited to see Bitten joining Syfy’s lineup?

Bitten premieres Monday, January 13th at 10/9c on Syfy.

  • Data1001

    Isn’t someone also planning a new TV series based on the classic film The Wolfman? With the fun Being Human and the surprisingly good Teen Wolf, I think we may be approaching werewolf overload here.