‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Full-Length Trailer Features the Sleuth’s Return to London

“The one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me is the one who mattered the most.”

Okay, I know it’s hard, but hold back the “awws” until you’ve seen the full-length Sherlock season three trailer in all of its glory. There is no more hiding in the shadows for Sherlock; after two years he’s ready to resume his bromance with John and breathe London in. Of course, nothing is simple in Sherlck’s world: John has moved on with his life and vacated their home on Baker Street, the city has changed and everyone is on high alert for terrorist activities. That last one, Sherlock is accustomed to. Check out the trailer below and chime in in the comments if you are down with Sherlock’s cake idea.

Sherlock season three premieres New Year’s Day on BBC One and on Sunday, January 19th at 10PM on PBS.