Exclusive Interview: The Middle’s Eden Sher Scoops the Christmas Episode and More

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Eden Sher has played one of television’s most genuinely positive characters for the past five years on ABC’s The Middle, and with the Christmas episode “The Christmas Tree” set to air this Wednesday at 8PM, Sher was kind enough to speak with us about what to expect during the Heck’s latest holiday escapades, what’s ahead for Sue in the relationship department and much more.

What to Expect in “The Christmas Tree”

Heck holidays are always eventful and “The Christmas Tree” will be no different. Sher tried to boil the episode down to three phrases: “I will say Sue is Bubble Girl, Axl is brat at home, Brick is oblivious,” but she quickly offered up a more detailed teaser for the hilarious and heartfelt holiday outing.

“Okay, maybe that’s too few words. So yeah, Axl comes home from college for Christmas break and he has some trouble with Frankie. They can’t really come to an agreement on what he actually has to stay at home for, what he has to deal with, where he can go with his friends…Brick is Brick and doesn’t realize Christmas wrapping paper, when you have to sell something, you actually owe someone else money, so he has a really fun stress-free plan involving that and Sue is allergic to Christmas.”

Sue’s Christmas allergy leads to her bubble status and some terrific physical acting from Sher who spends part of the episode isolated from the rest of her cast mates by a sheet of plastic. However, much like her character, Sher made the best of the situation.

“It was, like in real life really hard for me to see them, like physically see them. So I felt very removed. It was good though, it contributed to how Sue really would be feeling, so I used it,” she said.

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On Working Without Charlie McDermott This Season

The Middle fans aren’t the only ones who have had to adjust to seeing Charlie McDermott’s Axl away at college. Sher is missing seeing her onscreen sparring partner this season too.

“It’s so sad. I am so angry that you reminded me of this horrible time,” Sher joked. “I mean luckily, in this episode we’re going to film this next week, the whole family is together because Axl came home for the weekend so most of our scenes are all of us together, but no, in the beginning when it would just be like the four of us for like the whole week pretty much, and Axl had his own storyline–okay, I was not only sad that I didn’t get to act with him; Charlie is like my best friend, I got to see Charlie less and we weren’t in any scenes together and it was sooo sad.”

There’s good news for those missing Sue and Axl quality time. Sher revealed that there is an episode coming up later this season that is one of her favorites thanks to Sue and Axl’s storyline. While Sher didn’t drop any hints as to what the onscreen siblings will be doing, she did say, “We had a storyline together where we got to spend the whole week together and we were both like, man this hasn’t happened in so long and it feels so nice.”

Does Darrin Have Competition?

In our recent interview with Sher’s co-star John Gammon who plays Darrin, Axl’s best friend and Sue’s ex-boyfriend, Gammon was certain their characters would find their way back to each other. Sher agrees, but she likened them to a certain Friend-ly ’90s couple.

“I think eventually, eventually. It’s kind of like, and I hate to use this as an analogy, but it’s just so perfect, and I know there are other romantic get-togethers, but from my generation, I always think of Ross and Rachel, but you can’t have a Ross and Rachel without tons of interference before.”

Some of that interference might come from a certain Glossner boy. Remember when the eldest Glossner gave Sue a surprise kiss in “The Kiss”? We haven’t seen the last of him.

“We’ll see him again, I shall say,” Sher teased. “I like where they go with it. I really like it.”

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How Sue is Sher?

Sue is so lovable it’s impossible not to ask Sher if the character’s infectious enthusiasm for life has worn off on her. The truth is the character and Sher aren’t so different thanks to their mutual bubbly enthusiasm.

“You know, it’s weird, after five years I think there was a little bit of collusion, it’s sort of like they’ve been working in cahoots together, like my Eden brain and my Sue brain. Like, I’ve used some Eden parts to create Sue, and then some things the writers have put in that I know to be true have been informed by Edeness. We’re kind of like one and the same, but there’s definitely a clear distinction, I can draw the line between Eden and Sue, but she does inform my person quite often.”

Be sure to check out Sher in action in the all-new episode of The Middle “The Christmas Tree” airing Wednesday, December 11th at 8/7c on ABC, and come back tomorrow for a special advance review before the episode airs.

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