Almost Human Season 1 Review “Blood Brothers”

Almost Human Season 1 Episode 5 Blood Brothers (1)

With the ratings getting lower and lower every week, Almost Human returned tonight with their fifth episode “Blood Brothers”. Even though this series is one of the best new network shows, it’s sci-fi setting and outlandish presence is certainly having a hard time finding an audience. Hopefully entertaining and simple episodes like this one will help attract a more mainstream viewership, even though tonight’s installment might not have been very exciting or pushed any of the major mysteries forward.

However, one major mystery was immediately answered right off the bat. Robots don’t have penises, everybody! Everybody who was worrying about that nagging question can rest easy now that we know that most of those dudes look like full-grown Ken dolls. All of the robots except Dorian, naturally, who apparently is very well endowed. This was a very fun and hilarious opening scene, and all of these scenes between Dorian and John in John’s car are really helping flesh out their relationship nicely. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have such a great chemistry together, and all of these goofy scenes really put a smile on my face.

The rest of the cast isn’t quite as fleshed out yet, with Lili Taylor becoming less and less believable as a tough-as-nails police captain. She was downright laughable in the courtroom being talked down to by that lawyer. The lawyer was steamrolling her, and she was trying to pipe up and say her peace, but her voice is so small and mousy that it’s hard to take her seriously. There are some people who have a certain gravitas and weight behind their words that they don’t need to speak loudly, but Lili Taylor is not one of those actors. She just comes off like a big pushover. Then when Ethan Avery broke her down and criticized her for not getting very far in the police department, he made it sound like it’s just because she’s a woman in a man’s world. Um…maybe it’s because you can barely hear her when she talks and she gets easily offended by psychopaths who make fun of her.

Speaking of Ethan Avery, I really enjoyed the dynamic of the killer being in custody the whole time. So far on this show we’ve had to go out and find whoever is responsible for these crimes, but now we had somebody in the first scene who we know is guilty, and we have to spend the whole episode trying to prove it.

Each new episode brings us a new villain and a new revelationof what is and isn’t possible in the Almost Human universe, with tonight’s big innovation being cloning. Now that we know that cloning is possible in this world, it’s very possible that we see this pop up down the line. Maybe after a certain character is killed, we’ll be able to see them again if it turns out they were cloned at any point. It could be that this was just a one-off plot device for this episode, but I’m really hoping that isn’t the case. Cloning is such a cool concept, and there’s so much potential for cool stories there, so I hope we get more of that.

However, I hope the clones we get in the future will be a little smarter than these ones. They have all of these fancy pieces of technology that can identify drones and eavesdrop on police radio, but they can’t tell that their clone is a projection right away? Also, I didn’t really buy their motivation. You want to risk your life to save him because “He is you”? What? Don’t you guys have an IQ of 180? Why wouldn’t they just say “Hey, we don’t need this guy!”? Oh, and apparently all the smarts in the world doesn’t make you a better shooter. The guy had a sniper rifle steadied on top of his van and he couldn’t hit Stahl when she was running about 30 feet in front of him.

Speaking of Stahl, the whole “will they?/won’t they?” dynamic between her and Kennex is still plugging along, but I really hope that something happens here quickly. I realize that we’re only five episodes in, but I’m already tired of them making googly eyes at each other and Dorian teasing John about it. I don’t need them to make a definitive decision one way or the other, but I’d hope some kind of rift or challenge would arise between them. Maybe John’s wife pops back into the picture or something? Maybe Stahl falls in love with her MX? Wouldn’t that be exciting?!

The other storyline involved the medium psychic Maya (Or “Petite psychic” on good days. She really loved that joke, didn’t she?) The concept of people stimulating their brains and giving them extrasensory perception or increased intelligence is an interesting idea, and I hope this gets more developed in the future.

We’re only five episodes in now, and Almost Human is introducing new ideas and concepts at a breakneck pace. There’s been terrorist factions, evil robots, sexbots, clones, drug traffickers, and psychics all in five episodes! I’m hoping that they can bring back some of these concepts in a meaningful way in upcoming episodes, instead of just introducing new ones every week. For now, though, I’m totally enjoying the ride!

Random Thoughts:

– I was really hoping that Maya would have revealed something a little more substantial about John or his past. Instead of just predicting a moment that he would experience that night, she could have shared something about his wife or why she’s a part of The Syndicate.

– I did love the symmetry of seeing that cool projector technology in the opening scene, and then seeing it again at the end.

– Has it been established before tonight that the robots have super-human speed and strength? I was just as surprised as Kennex and Stahl when Dorian sprinted up to that van and flipped it.