8 Shocking Events and Unanswered Questions From The Walking Dead 2013 Mid-Season Finale

The Governor, Hershel, Rick, Daryl, Lilly, Meghan - The Walking Dead

I imagine that I am not the only fan of The Walking Dead who is reeling from the events in the mid-season finale. Wow. I mean really, wow! Carnage, death, destruction and unanswered questions abound.

Let’s start by looking at the shocking events from the episode.

The new paradigm for television programming seems to be the death of significant characters. While it used to be that certain people were off limits for killing, currently that is no longer true – at least on many programs. I’m not going to argue whether this is good or bad, because that discussion has occurred before, but I do think this new way of thinking is having an impact on the fans of ongoing shows – and not always for the best.


Hershel - The Walking Dead

First and foremost is the death of Hershel. Hershel had taken over the job of moral compass for the group after the demise of Dale in season 2. Beyond that, his medical knowledge kept many of the survivors alive. He also knew a lot about farming and plants, so his expertise will be especially missed.

I can’t even begin to imagine how Maggie and Beth will cope with his death, especially since they watched him die. That horror is unspeakable, and even in a post apocalyptic world, beyond the range of normal. This world has become so dysfunctional that even with the threat of death from the walkers, humans are still killing each other. Personally, I find that scarier than the walkers.

The Governor

The Governor - The Walking Dead

While it was in some ways a relief, the death of The Governor was also shocking. He was such an evil man, and thus such a great threat to everyone, that it is hard to imagine a possible replacement.

And yet. we almost saw his redemption, led by the hand as we were when he returned to the show as a broken man, finding a new family and people to care about after losing everything. I think he did have a shred of humanity in him, but ultimately succumbed to his baser instincts and thus brought on his own death, and the deaths of many of his militia members, when he rejected Rick’s plea to live in peace and instead killed Hershel.


Lilly, Meghan and The Governor - The Walking Dead

Related to the complete breakdown of The Governor was the death of Meghan. His stated motivation for taking the prison was to keep her and her mother and aunt safe. When she is bitten by a walker in what was supposed to be a safe location, and her mom brings her dead body to The Governor, I think that was a major turning point for him, where he realized that he could keep no one safe, and he just did not care anymore.

The Prison

The Walking Dead

Because of the maniacal actions of The Governor, the prison was destroyed and opened to walkers when the tank was used to tear down the fence and blow out the walls. I suppose it was only natural that the mostly safe haven offered by the prison had to come to an end. After all, this show is about danger, and while there were some problems with the prison fence and walls and danger still lurked close by every day, it was in general a pretty safe place for the group.


The mid season finale also left me with a bunch of questions, so I guess that means it did a good job! I am now eagerly awaiting February 9, 2014 when the show returns.


Dead squirrel - The Walking Dead

At the top of my list is exactly who was responsible for feeding the rats to the walkers, and is that the same person who dissected the squirrel they found in the mid-season finale? And, is this all somehow related to the deaths of Karen and David? Is it possible that Carol took the fall but was not actually responsible for those deaths?

And What of Carol?

Rick and Daryl - The Walking Dead

I know Carol was sent off before the mid season finale, but the news of her leaving finally reached Daryl in this episode, and has yet to reach Tyreese. Daryl was not happy with the fact Rick made a unilateral decision, but did not go ballistic as I had imagined. But, he really did not have much time to let the facts sink in, so will there be fallout later? And, Rick was interrupted when he started to tell Tyreese about Carol, so what will happen when Tyreese finds out?

Baby Judith?

The Walking Dead

Next on my list is the fate of baby Judith. At first I thought she was a goner, but after having read some of the fan discussion on this topic, I am now unsure as to her fate. If she has survived, where is she, and with whom?

Who Went Where?

The Walking Dead

This leads to my next set of questions – who exactly has survived? Who was on the bus when it took off, and why did it leave when it did? Who is in charge of the bus? Certainly it is true that we now have multiple groups, heading in unknown directions. Surely they had a contingency plan? Certainly a prearranged rendezvous point? The dialogue seemed to indicate that they had a plan when they started loading up the bus. What exactly is that plan, and will it be carried out? Or is there another reason the bus left when it did? Is someone calling the shots that will not adhere to any prearranged plans?


I have one final thought – is there anyone else that has realized that the one truly safe place is an island surrounded by deep water? Large enough to farm and build shelters and with a fresh water supply – that is where you would find me heading! Anyone care to join me?

Now it is your turn to sound off about the mid season finale. Do you have any theories that could possibly answer my questions? Were you as shocked as I was during the episode? What shocked you the most? Let me know in the comments section below!