Revenge Season 3 Review “Surrender”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 9 Surrender (1)

After a short hiatus, Revenge returned with the last episode before the big wedding midseason finale. With the return of Lydia throwing a last-minute wild card into the proceedings, “Surrender” was all about tying up loose ends before what’s sure to be an eventful day for the series.

Lydia took no time to make her return known, quickly confronting both Victoria and Conrad. Of course, this meant an encounter with Emily as well, and Lydia let her know she still planned to bring her down should the chance arise. Given how often the characters on Revenge resort to veiled aggression and subterfuge, it was a welcome change of pace to see approach things so directly. Her arrival was like a grenade going off; shoving Emily over was enough to let the pregnancy out of the bag to Victoria. From there, things quickly unraveled, leading to Victoria’s decision to not attend the wedding, a major roadblock for Emily’s plan.

This episode moved along at a brisk pace, thanks in part to the tight focus this episode had. For the most part, it dealt exclusively with Lydia’s return and Daniel’s relationship with Sarah. Again, there’s so much manipulation on Revenge, there’s almost always someone that you can’t help but feel bad for. As of late, it’s been Sarah, who’s been a victim of Charlotte and Victoria’s meddling. It’s clear that she legitimately loves Daniel, so it’s a bummer to see her unable to be with him. Heck, I even feel bad for Daniel to a degree. He’s not always been a good guy, but it’s clear that Sarah could’ve been his chance for a fresh start.

Speaking of fresh starts, it would seem Aiden and Emily are ready to cement their relationship after the wedding, with Aiden proposing the night before. I’ve said before that I’m not the biggest fan of Aiden, but I’m not too worried about this engagement going anywhere. I think it’s safe to say things won’t go exactly as planned next week, so the question will be where things will go in the wake of framing Victoria. And in that regard, I’m legitimately excited for next week’s midseason finale. Sure, the preview may have given a bit too much away, but with Victoria no longer on the guest list and Lydia once again in possession of the incriminating photo of Emily, there’s a lot to speculate on as we wait to see what happens.

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