Nikita Season 4 Review “Set-Up”


I must admit that I hadn’t really noticed how little we’ve gotten to know Birkoff over the past three seasons of Nikita, but the info dump and subsequent developments of this latest episode prove that their might have been a reason for the secrecy. Birkoff isn’t just super smart, he’s also super messed up and, after faking his death and changing his name, his past has finally come back at the eleventh hour to haunt him.

His father, Nelson Penner who we saw on the monitor last week, has been taken and copied by Amanda. Through some clever hacker coding (a nice callback to how Nikita and Alex used to communicate?), the pair interact for the first time in years and, despite seemingly sacrificing him for the sake of the mission, we can assume that Nelson will be reunited with his son before the end. This episode, even taken out of context, was a brilliant way to focus on Birkoff without deviating from the A-plot, and it just proves once again how strong each of these characters are.

And the end is certainly in sight, with half of Nikita‘s final season now out of the way. The show doesn’t feel like it’s meandered once and, unlike others that are given multiple episodes to wrap things up, the urgency of a six-part adventure really works for this show. With doubles making the gang question if they can trust anyone and Sam, Alex, Michael and Sonya separated from Ryan, Nikita and Birkoff, I feel as if we’re headed somewhere enormous. I’m more excited than I am apprehensive, which is rare going into the end of a beloved series like this.

We’re afforded the comfort of knowing what the end will entail – Amanda vs. Nikita – but how we get there and who is sacrificed along the way is a big mystery. Having the group split up fills me with dread, for example, and keeping Alex and Nikita away from each other for so long better have a good payoff in the end. Their relationship is at the core of the series and I’ll be bummed if we don’t get that resolution to their connection reiterated before the show retires for good. But what do the CIA know about what’s coming? After this episode, Nikita isn’t the only fugitive on the team.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the early ‘La Femme Nikita’ name check? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.