Haven Season 4 Review “When the Bough Breaks”

Haven Season 4 Episode 12 When the Bough Breaks (2)

Haven has reached its boiling point as a result of a deadly trouble that William triggers in a baby. Every time the baby cries, people die. There is no way to predict the victims or prevent their deaths – not without William’s help.

Ever since William escaped from the Barn, his sole purpose has been to reclaim his former partner in crime: the earliest incarnation of Audrey Parker. He’s decided that the best way to do this is to force Audrey to create a silencing trouble to stop the baby.

The way William describes his relationship with Audrey the First is like a yin and yang of evil. They sound like the Bonnie and Clyde of troubles: living for their own pleasures and reveling in the misery of others. This twist in the show elevates the story out of the episodic trouble of the week format, and into a more complex and philosophical sphere. Assuming William is telling the truth, is Audrey inherently evil or does she have the free will to choose to be different?

A current trend in television fantasy and science fiction shows involves exploring the psyche of the villain and what caused that person to go bad. Haven is asking a completely different question – can pure evil become good. Audrey suspects that there is true evil inside her. When she finally agrees to inflict a trouble and places her hand on the man’s arm, she feels the evil coursing through her. Duke is astute enough to realize that she enjoys the feeling which must be something akin to recklessness and power. Unless, of course, Audrey is even more evil than we know and she actually enjoys hurting other people.

Nathan has faith that even if Audrey the First tries to return, his Audrey will be able to triumph. This is an interesting concept. If Audrey is pure evil, how was it even possible to change her into someone whose reason for being is to stop the troubles? If it was a sort of punishment levied against her by the forces behind the Barn and she was pure evil, wouldn’t she have just begrudgingly helped people? She would’ve been forced to undo the troubles, but certainly could not have enjoyed that task. But, we know that Audrey does enjoy helping others. Does that mean that she couldn’t be pure evil – even in her earliest form?

It is undoubtedly significant that Nathan is the only one who truly believes in her. Audrey is terrified that once she inflicts a trouble, she will be irrevocably corrupted. William is confident that’s what will happen. Duke feels it’s a strong possibility that his Audrey will disappear. The only person that seems to have no doubts is Nathan. This is why he is Audrey’s true love.

But, let’s think back to the recent prophecies/curses Audrey has faced. At the end of last season, we discovered that Audrey had to kill her true love in order to stop the troubles. The logical assumption was that she had to kill Nathan. Because she couldn’t kill him, Audrey sacrificed herself by going into the Barn. When Audrey returned to Haven, she eventually learned that she shouldn’t kill Nathan because: “What was once your salvation is now your doom.”

Maybe both of these premonitions/admonitions are correct. If Audrey the First truly loved William, maybe killing him is what can free the town from the troubles. This would make sense since William also helped create the troubles. This would also be Audrey’s doom, though, since their physical beings are entwined and an injury in one creates the identical injury in the other. Yet, is it possible that Audrey could be saved if Audrey the First was destroyed? It seems like this would only be possible if she still has the connection with Nathan.

These layers of complexity and possibility are what have made Haven truly exciting this season. As we head towards next week’s season finale, we will hopefully get some answers and more questions. Given the quality of the writing and the originality of the show this season, it would be a travesty if we weren’t able to continue our time in Haven for a fifth season.

We will certainly find out who are the four people who can use the Guard symbol to open the portal. The big question is who will be pushed through it. I can see a scenario where William would only be willing to leave Haven with Audrey. There also must be some serious implications for returning Duke’s family curse. I am not certain Audrey will be able to bestow this trouble without something going wrong. As William noted, she’s clearly out of practice in her troublemaking ability. It would make sense to give Duke his trouble back because right now he is an ordinary Joe, which makes him the odd man out of the group.

It would be tough to say goodbye to Colin Ferguson since he has done such an amazing job at being horrible. But, good must prevail, right?

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