Bones Season 9 Review “The Spark in the Park” – Brennan Connects With a Distraught Father

Bones Season 9 Episode 11 The Spark in the Park (8)

In this episode of Bones, called “The Spark in the Park, the team finds the body of a dead gymnast and Brennan forms a connection with one of their suspects – the young girl’s dad.

Oh show, how is it that I still never find myself quite prepared when you tear out my heart? The preview clips and the photos from this episode didn’t seem particularly serious or heart-wrenching, but boy did this episode put me through the wringer. Yet again I find myself wiping away tears as I go to write my review, thanks to the beauty of some fantastic lines and wonderful acting. I know it’s not quite appropriate, but I feel the need to crown Richard Schiff (who played Dr. Watters) as King of the Lab this week – for his work in that final scene alone.

The team found the body of a gymnast and the suspects ran the gambit from her teammates to her coach and sadly even to the poor girl’s father. When Brennan immediately found a connection with him because he buried himself in his work upon losing his daughter so soon after losing his wife, I wanted to believe he was innocent. But the truth is that you never really know with this show and I wondered if maybe he really could have been behind the death. In the end, I’m glad it wasn’t him and I found it very poetic to see his grief process and know how similar it would be to Brennan’s should something that horrible ever happen to her. I loved that Booth encouraged her to go see the distraught professor at the end of the episode and her realizing what his formula meant completely blew me away.

As for the other story in this episode, I was surprised by the voracity of Cam’s anger. Not that I myself wouldn’t be that angry in her shoes, but because I never saw her as that kind of person. I was glad that she was able to get past it though. Like Arastoo told her, it’s just not worth it to stay that angry.

All in all, this episode was a great way to say goodbye to the show until January.

My favorite bits:

Find a body. Take a selfie. Yep, that’s totally the right thing to do.

Is it wrong that I felt like that guy deserved to get hit with a burning foot?

Cam’s definition of looking “from afar” involving her fist.

Brennan being giddy over a body being hit by lightning.

“That’s okay, you keep the pen. It’s got person on it now.”

Yay! Arastoo is back.

“You won. All evidence shows that the first step in healing is forgiveness.”
“I’m more of a wrath-and-vengeance type.”

Brennan’s shock when Booth started writing over Dr. Watters’ formula.

Brennan pointing out that she would only be able to survive if she lost everyone she loved by burying herself in her work.

Wow, that was one intense chat between Booth, Brennan and Sweets.

Brennan catching on to the fact that Watters was contemplating suicide.

“People like us? We’re nothing without our work.”

Brennan asking Watters to follow her logic.

Arastoo telling Cam all the terrible things he’d been through and that he had to let go of the anger before he could move on.

“You spied on kids?” “You could call it surveillance if it makes you feel better.”

Brennan continuing to take Watters’ side.

Cam confronting Haley. Amazing that Haley had no remorse at all. Suddenly I feel as mad as Cam does.

Brennan discovering that the murder weapon was a balance beam.

“She stole my identity. She doesn’t get my soul, too.”

Cam and Arastoo. Aww.

Booth telling Brennan to go talk to Dr. Watters because they both spoke the same freakazoid language.

“Being kind doesn’t need an excuse, okay?”

Brennan realizing that the formula was basically Amanda’s life. Dang it, when did so much dust get into this room? *wipes eyes*

“She flew though space in perfect arcs. Perhaps that’s what people mean when they talk about angels.”

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Did you have any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own?

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