Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “Rustle Feathers”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight with the frustrating installment “Rustle Feathers”. While most of the episode was more of the same entertaining material that we get every week, there were a few things that really bugged me.

The first irritation came before the credits even rolled, as we hear Caleb’s butthurt response to being kicked out last week. This was baloney for two reasons: First, Caleb and Hayden were already planning to turn on Gervase and Tyson, so that really took any validity out of his statement. Thankfully Gervase stood up for himself and pointed that out for him. Second, this dude is dating Colton. Freaking Colton! Any argument you’re trying to make of being a stand-up dude and having honor or whatever is totally invalid if you get engaged to someone like him.

Thankfully Caleb was quickly sent home, although it was in a heartbreaking fashion. Seeing his tower of cards slooooowly lean over was so painful! There was mere seconds left, and seeing him feebly trying to rebuild his tower with only ten seconds left was so sad. I guess that’s karma for whining like a baby when you’re legitimately voted out of the game.

After the Redemption Island Duel, Ciera actually keeps her clue for once and she reads it with her whole group. This leads to a pretty amusing scene as her entire four person alliance is searching for the idol, and then Hayden and Katie joined in as well! I’m still a little annoyed how easy the idols are to find now. We aren’t told how long they actually searched for the idol, but Tyson sure seemed to find it pretty quick. He’s really playing with fire by keeping these idols a secret from his alliance, though. Keeping the first one a secret made sense, since they could have assumed that he had the idol really early before he made that alliance, but now they know that he’s decided to keep it a secret. Hopefully it never comes out!

The immunity challenge was one of the best ones that we’ve seen in a while, but I was not a fan of how the reward was served. They’ve always taken the winners away from the rest of the tribe for their reward, but now they actually took the reward to the other starving contestants and made them watch as their buddies ate ice cream. It seems like they’re just purposefully torturing the people who didn’t win, which sucks. It reminded me of last season when the winners of the reward challenge just went on a boat about 50 yards from the beach. At least get out of sight!

All of these little complaints pale in comparison to the stupid tie-breaking rules that Survivor employs. Thankfully this is only the second time in 27 seasons that the whole “drawing rocks” tiebreaker has ever come into play, but it’s such an asinine rule! It has absolutely nothing to do with skill or strategy, it’s just complete luck. The first season of Survivor had a different tie-breaking system, with the contestant who has had the most votes cast for them being sent home. At least that takes into account how well you’ve played the game, since it shows how many enemies you’ve made.

I never thought I’d say this, but I think Survivor could learn something from Big Brother. Why doesn’t the person who won the immunity necklace get to make the tie-breaking vote? That would give them more power, and therefore more incentive to win that necklace! Also, Katie, Ciera and Hayden were all excited about making a big move, but what were the odds of it actually paying off? I’ll tell you: 66.7%! The best case scenario was that you would send Tyson home, but the odds are that either Ciera or Katie would go home instead, and then you’re screwed! Sure, it might look cool if you make it to the end and you can point back at this night as a big move that you made, but your odds of actually getting to that finale is pretty darn slim now!

Random Thoughts:

– Was this the first time that the cameramen have been informed of where the idol was hidden? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them zoom in on where the idol is before it was found.

– Katie constantly getting hit in the head by her own ball was the best. It was pretty much symbolic of the game she’s had this season. Just bumbling around in the background while everybody else actually played the game.

– Why is there a big ol’ ladder right in the middle of the tribal council set? It looks so strangely out of place. It’s like a set decorator was saying “We’re missing something right between the tribe members and Jeff! What should we put there? I know! A big wooden ladder!”