Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 5 (Channel 4) Review


Vod’s mum is in town on this week’s Fresh Meat, and it’s a surprise to the gang that she not only has a mother, but that Vod is actually the responsible one in her family. Thus follows a series of events that, probably for the first time in the entire series, actually allow Vod some much-needed character development. Meanwhile, Josie and Kingsley try desperately to put last week’s revelations behind them, and Howard inadvertently becomes a radical feminist.

Absolutely everyone is acting against type in this episode except Josie and Kingsley who, rather than surprise everyone by not deliberately killing their relationship before it’s even gotten off the ground, decide to air out their feelings – ‘handing over their weapons’, as they call it. This results in Josie admitting that she’s been faking a few things during their relationship – 70% of the things in fact – and Kingsley reacts to this by dragging up her past exploits with JP and obsessing over them for the whole hour. As realistic to many a relationship as this may have been, I’m glad they sorted things out in the end.

JP, on the other hand, spent the episode feeling heartbroken. At first his sadness manifested itself in the form of torn up beer matts, crying and eating vast amounts of cheese, but the honesty of his feelings was revealed when he couldn’t even bring himself to have sex with Vod’s mum. This must really be serious. Love is in the air for Howard and Candice, however, and theirs was probably the funniest story of the episode. It’s not often the writers figure out something good to do with Howard, so I’m going to wallow in this glorious moment for as long as I can.

Something that really isn’t working anymore is the continued presence of Shales, and Fresh Meat’s inability to give Oregon something to do that doesn’t involve him. She has the potential to be a really great character, so why do all of her storylines involve him one way or another? Like Kingsley and Josie’s constantly failing relationship, which now thank god seems to be changing, Oregon and Shales are like a bad smell that keeps hanging around. In an otherwise strong episode, with Vod’s storyline ending up pretty heartfelt and satisfying, it feels even more unnecessary.

What did you think of the episode? Were you proud of Vod for standing up to her mother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Fresh Meat airs on Channel 4 in the UK.