ITV Debuts ‘Lucan’ Trailer Featuring Christopher Eccleston

The upcoming ITV two-part drama Lucan taps into one of the 20th century’s most enduring mysteries. Whatever became of the 7th Earl of Lucan after he vanished 40 years ago? He disappeared under suspicion of the murder of his wife and children’s nanny. Now the dark case is being dramatized with Rory Kinnear (Skyfall) stepping into Lucky Lucan’s infamous shoes. Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) plays Kinnear’s close friend John Aspinall.

“Nature designed you and me as gamblers; it asks nothing of us and yet it demands everything,” Aspinall says of himself and Lucan in the eerie trailer. While it’s unlikely the dramatization will reveal any new facts about what actually happened to the real Lucan, the strong cast and overall strength of the moody trailer demands a look.

Lucan premieres December 11th at 9PM on ITV.