Haven Season 4: There’s Something About Jennifer

Haven Season 4 Episode 5 The New Girl (1)

We’ve all fallen in love with Jennifer. She’s adorable, she’s funny, she could probably fit in Duke’s pocket, but she’s still crazy tough. However, she is officially on Haven death watch now. Or Haven fall through a portal watch. Bad things are ahead, is what I’m saying.

Over the course of season four, the mystery of Jennifer has been mounting. She appeared on the scene with a special connection to the barn. From there we learned she was originally born in Haven and her adoption was arranged by the mysterious Agent Howard. Now she’s got herself a magic glowing book that once belonged to Audrey (“Unstake My Heart”) and a prophecy noting that she is, as far as we know, “The Child of Ruin” and the only person capable of opening the gateway at the heart of Haven that could send William back from whence he came. But what does this mean for Jennifer? I have three theories.

1. Jennifer is the child of William and Original Flavor Audrey.

This appears to be the most popular fandom theory. William and Audrey in her original form were a bit like dark versions of Adam and Eve. They created The Troubles releasing chaos upon the town because they enjoyed it. They are physically linked, as well as emotionally, making the prophecy “what was once your salvation is now your doom” make sense because if they kill William (Audrey’s true love), they kill Audrey and she’s the only person who can help Havenites control their Troubles.

With that reasoning, Jennifer, born in 1981 at the beginning of the last cycle of The Troubles could be the literal Child of Ruin. An innocent born of two superior beings connecting her to their world and giving her the ability to find the gateways in both places. The only catch is, Haven already gave Audrey one rapidly aged child she didn’t know about last season. Would they really play that card again? And would William, who is so dead set on restoring Audrey’s memories of their time together want to destroy their child instead of trying to bring her into the fold, no matter the prophecy? He has a huge superiority complex and the product of their union would be his most superior creation of all, right?

2. Agent Howard created Jennifer as a fail-safe key.

Agent Howard is the barn’s gatekeeper and Audrey’s handler. Wherever he came from his primary goal was an altruistic one: to keep Haven safe through each cycle of The Troubles. However, the origins of Howard and The Barn remain unexplained. Is he from the future? Is he supernatural? Alien? Whatever he was it stands to reason that he, like William and Audrey, had the power of creation. What if Jennifer was fashioned out of the energy of The Barn itself? It could explain why her parentage is so mysterious and why her connection to The Barn is so strong. She would still be a child made of ruin, or to put it another way, made of necessity.

If Howard suspected that Audrey would eventually unlock her past and remember her true personality, it’s entirely possible that he planned ahead, created Jennifer and then removed her from Haven for safekeeping until such time that she would be needed to stop William and/or Audrey from wreaking more havoc on the town. This is a potentially traumatic outcome for Jennifer though, as it would mean that she, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s infamous little sister, didn’t start her life out in a traditional manner. It would also mean she is the last existing piece of The Barn itself.

3. Jennifer is a decoy.

There is a small chance that Jennifer is just a decoy. She can see the glowing Guard symbol and hear the voices in the barn, but what if that’s her trouble, simple as that? Her unique trouble could have been reason enough for Howard to remove her from Haven in hopes that she never went about town opening gateways that were better left closed.

Perhaps it’s not Jennifer that’s The Child of Ruin, but rather our own Audrey, a woman who began as chaos and has spent multiple lifetimes seeking redemption. In which case, she must choose to embrace her new life, purpose and happiness, symbolizing her rebirth, and send William back through the door herself. Maybe Jennifer’s only role is to open the door so that Audrey can finish the job, just as she allowed Audrey and William to pass back through originally. She can see the doors, but that doesn’t mean she is the child in the prophecy.

My only fear is that whatever scenario plays out in these final two episodes of the season, the end result will be us and Duke losing Jennifer. She’s a true asset to the series and such a delightful character to watch. Can’t we keep her Syfy? Pretty please?

Share your Jennifer theories below. Do you think she’s “The Child of Ruin”? Will she make it to the end of the season?

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