Nikita Season 4 Review “Dead or Alive”

"Dead or Alive

This week’s Nikita did a smart thing for any sci-fi/spy show – it introduced clones. The wacky pseudo-science has been trickling in to the world of the show for a while now, but there’ll likely be no complaints from fans about this new threat and, with only four weeks left to wrap things up, it’s a pretty efficient way to up the stakes on both a small scale within the team and a large scale across the entire world. World War Three is coming if Amanda gets her way, and it’s up to Nikita to stop it.

The introduction of replacements creates a lovely sense of body-snatchers paranoia around the show, and means that even the audience can’t be sure who’s who. The only small ray of sunshine is the fact that Amanda seems to be keeping the ‘originals’ alive and locked up, as we saw with the president in last year’s finale, so whoever we discover to be a fake can be recovered in the end. I love the choice of threat for this final season, and it should make every single episode feel like a part of the overarching mythology.

The first tease that one of the Division 2.0 team was an imposter came when we saw Nikita shoot Michael – that ad break was excruciating, wasn’t it? – but that was just a ruse to plant the idea in our heads. The finale moments of the episode showed that Amanda’s ‘ace in the hole’ double was actually Birkoff, and I wonder how long it will be before someone notices. I guess Sonya will notice something’s strange immediately, even if Graham’s wife was oblivious, but she’s currently on the run with Sam.

The short-lived shock of seeing Michael get shot in the chest also served to remind us that, in this season, absolutely anyone could bite the dust at any moment. What has the show got to lose? It’s already been cancelled, and I doubt any true fans would stop watching at this point even if their favorite character got killed off. The only thing I’m finding frustrating at this point is the continued separation of Alex, Sam and Sonya from the rest of the team.

With Alex captured and her role in Division about to be exposed, I guess this issue will be resolved sooner rather than later, but time really is of the essence. There’s also the fact that Owen has been missing for over half a season now, and there are no solid signs of him coming back. Will we end the series with Sam, rather than Owen, on the team? No matter which persona he’s wearing, it’s becoming clear that the show are no longer resisting the romantic pairing with Alex that the fans have wanted for so long.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think might bite the dust before the finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.