Awkward Season 3 Review “The Campaign Fail”


Words have always been important on Awkward and, now that Jenna has finally acknowledged her rock bottom last week, she has to realise that actions don’t always speak the loudest. ‘The Campaign Fail’ was about two things – Tamara and Jake’s previously stable relationship imploding and Jenna making amends for her actions over the past few weeks – and thank god for that sweet ending. This show used to be a comedy and, while I’m not complaining about the new things it’s been trying this year, some levity would be welcome.

Starting with Tamara and Jake, it’s a shame that their lack of communication has torn them apart so soon. As soon as Jenna and Matty split up, it was only a matter of time before their friends followed suit, and what I really want now is for Jake to get a bit more to do outside of a relationship. He was introduced as a relatively viable romantic option for Jenna in the first season, and then we were all surprised by how well he and Tamara worked together, so the next stage must surely be about establishing him as a character on his own.

This has happened with Matty over the course of season three, and I have to say I like him a whole lot more now. He’s being a better guy to Jenna than she deserves, and it’s an interesting twist on their original dynamic back in season one. She has brought out the side of him that not many people would see and I guess, once he has become attached to someone, it doesn’t really matter what happens. I’m sure his main friendship group don’t necessarily support his friendship with Sadie, for example, and he maintains it anyway.

He’s only one in Jenna’s court right now, and she has to work a bit harder to redeem herself to the rest of her friends and family. Her way back in with Tamara and Ming may lie in the Jakara breakup, but it’ll take something much bigger to atone for the article she wrote about Val. Val’s suspension was the thing that made Jenna realise how powerful her words could be if she used them in the right way, and the scene in which she apologised to Lacey was really moving. Awkward’s trump card has always been the mother/daughter relationship, and I’m glad Jenna’s redemption began with that.

What did you think of the episode? Are you looking forward to seeing Lacey as the school nurse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.