Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review “Repairs”

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 9 Repairs (1)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is taking its first week off next Tuesday, so tonight’s episode “Repairs” had the opportunity to give us our first miniature cliffhanger. With yet another “Case of the week” to deal with tonight, I was hoping that Agents of SHIELD would end this nine week stretch on a high note.

After the brief opening scene that introduced us to our demon possessed freak-of-the-week Hannah, we get a confirmation that Ward and May did indeed sleep together last week. I think we’re supposed to just assume that this episode picked right back up where we were last episode, so I think this was just a one night stand. It would be another thing altogether if they spent several days together, but I don’t think that happened. Anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet. We don’t know much about Ward as a character quite yet, and we know even less about May, so this whole secret love affair just falls flat for me. It seems to mean absolutely nothing to May other than a release of tension, but Ward is actually seems to be the one getting invested in it. You just know that eventually Skye is going to find out about it, and it’s going to drive a wedge between her and Ward inevitably ending up together. I really hope this was just a one night stand and that it’s quickly forgotten.

The actual main plot of the episode revolved around a woman being “haunted” by a man that she accidentally killed in a factory explosion. I was kind of hoping that this guy would actually turn out to be a ghost, or that he was stuck between our world and hell. The actual explanation of the other world being the result of a Thor-esque portal was a neat little tie-in to the Thor episode from last week, but I kind of wish we worked in some stuff from the supernatural Marvel universe. There’s a whole bunch of great supernatural Marvel comics series like Ghost Rider, Blade, and Son of Satan. Some of those couldn’t appear because they aren’t owned by Disney, but it would still be cool!

You might have noticed that the majority of the episode took place on the plane tonight. With 22 episodes to fill out the season, and a hefty amount of special effects in every installment, you’ve got to expect them trim the fat somewhere. The idea of being stuck on the plane with a vengeful spirit was fun, so they didn’t really need to go anywhere else, so the quick scenes at the beginning and the end of the episode were enough for me. They need to make sure to space out these plane-centric episodes so it doesn’t feel like they’re spending too much time on that set.

The B-plot of Fitz and Simmons trying to prank Skye was hit and miss. I liked the idea of them pranking her, but they really only attempted one prank. It really wasn’t so much of a prank as it was just…telling her the wrong story. The best part of that storyline was the reveal at the end that May was the one who played the old “Shaving cream face tickle” prank on Fitz.

Speaking of May, we got a little bit of explanation for her nickname “The Cavalry” tonight. I think we’re supposed to assume that Coulson’s version is the correct one, but we still don’t actually know what happened. We know she killed a lot of people, but we kind of already assumed that, right? I guess the rest of the story will come down the line, but it seemed weird to even bring up her story. If you aren’t going to tell us anything, then why mention it?

So there wasn’t any kind of cliffhanger tonight, but that’s OK. The episode itself was entertaining enough, and we’ll take a week off and meet back up on December 10th!

Random Thoughts:

– Is this the first episode to feature the new and improved Marvel logo at the beginning? The new chrome look was introduced before Thor: The Dark World, but I think they waited until the tie-in episode to convert it on TV.

– Can we make up a cute couple name for May and Ward shippers? Maybe…Mayard? Or perhaps…Waray? That’s a tough one.

– Next week’s episode has J August Richards’ character returning! He’s hyped as being a new agent for SHIELD, so I hope he sticks around for a few episodes at least.