‘Helix’ Extended Trailer: There’s a Price for Playing God

An isolated Arctic locale. Scientists playing God. Black ooze. Possible aliens. Ronald D. Moore.

The extended Helix trailer has everything horror and sci-fi junkies alike love. It’s full of running, screaming and possible (painful) body-snatching. It even raises the stakes by having our hero (Billy Campbell) discover that his brother is among the infected. Containment is key, but whatever the scientists have unleashed smacks of the uncontrollable. “This thing doesn’t kill it, it annihilates,” says one scientist.

Freaked out yet? Just wait until you watch the full trailer below. What do you think of Helix so far?

Helix premieres Friday, January 10th at 10/9c on Syfy.

  • ptjackson

    Oh, yeah… now that is must see TV! Can’t wait!