Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 4 (Channel 4) Review


We knew their happiness couldn’t last, didn’t we? It’s only a week since Josie and Kingsley decided on their romantic middle-ground between love and mindless sex, but now the big Heather secret is out and we’re going to be watching passive-aggressive Josie/Kingsley action. It’s not a huge surprise, since this show doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone, and it also wasn’t the only step back Fresh Meat took this week. I’m not even sure we’re rid of Heather as an on-screen presence.

When did Oregon become this insufferable? Okay – she’s always been insufferable – but when did she start to hate her housemates enough to write offensive plays about them? I really enjoyed the friendship between Oregon and Vod last year and now, inexplicably, that friendship seems to have been replaced by something weird and ugly. Oregon and JP were once my favourite characters on the show, and the former is starting to morph into someone I really don’t like watching. There’s a fine line with a character like this, and they seem to be leaning over in the wrong direction this year.

Then there’s the madly inconsequential storyline for Howard, who has surely become a character deserving of participation in the A-plot over the past three seasons? I though his rivalry with JP over Sam was working quite well, but JP got to fly solo this week when he signed the house up for a dodgy drug trial he knew Sam would be taking part in. Again, we care about the core cast of characters, and when they’re not dealing directly with each other, the show suffers. That’s why the Josie/Kingsley mess is so frustrating – could we not have seen them happy together for a bit longer before we split them up again?

They’re not actually broken up yet, of course, and Fresh Meat still has time to surprise me. I might be down on it this week, but the show has a habit of gaining speed and strength around the mid-way point before hurtling towards the finale. That usually has something to do with Jack Whitehall and some emotional moment for JP and, with Sam having stolen his heart and then unceremoniously thrust it back at him, that moment will likely come from his love life rather than his family as in previous series. It’s something different for the character to do, and I’m enjoying it very much.

What did you think of the episode? Did you want Josie and Kingsley to stay together a little bit longer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Fresh Meat airs on Channel 4 in the UK.