Nikita Season 4 Review “Wanted”


You’d think that, with only six episodes left of the CW’s Nikita, the events of last season’s finale would be a low point for both our heroine and the rest of her ‘squad’, but that’s not the case. The end of this season premiere, ‘Wanted’, sees Nikita in an even worse situation than before, and I’m not entirely sure she’s going to be able to get herself out of it in time for the finale. That’s not a bad thing – this show is at its best when it’s unpredictable – but we should all be prepared for some bloodshed.

And thankfully everyone turned up to the party – with Alex and Sonja campaigning to stop human trafficking, Birkoff, Ryan and Michael still searching for Nikita and Amanda cackling in her secret lair as she ruins Nikita’s life. Even Owen, who has been known to go missing for several episodes at a time, returns in the finale moments of the episode to remind us of his annoying amnesia plot. Most of our characters are separated for now, and I can see this being a season with a lot of remote contact, but I have no doubt they’ll give us the epic showdown we’ve been waiting for.

We pick up 100 days after the death of the president, and the world is baying for Nikita’s blood. That includes bright, ballsy journalist Dale Gordon who, after Nikita takes him hostage in order to present her case, begins to believe that there’s more to the assassination of the president than everyone thinks. It’s too bad that Amanda doesn’t want Nikita to have any more allies than she already does, and the explosion outside the newsroom just makes her, in the eyes of the media, responsible for many more significant deaths. I was surprised by this development, given that I thought Dale was being set up to be a continuing player.

The tension between members of the team is interesting in that, even though they’re all willing – desperate, even – to help Nikita clear her name, that doesn’t mean they don’t resent the way she’s played it. Birkoff and Michael, especially, are put out that Nikita abandoned them so easily, no matter how good her intentions, and that element of their relationship to each other will obviously play a big part in how things develop. Alex and Sonja (played Batman and Robin), meanwhile, aren’t even in the US, and I wonder how long it will take before the whole team are in one room together.

This episode sets things up as efficiently as we could have expected and, given the limited time the network have given Nikita to wrap up, I’d wager we’re in for a brilliantly tense and exciting mini-season. There’s no time for filler here folks and, having followed the series loyally since the beginning, there’s no doubt in my mind that the writers and actors will make the most of this opportunity to wrap things up. The stakes are incredibly high, and I’m excited to see how they all dig themselves out of this monumental mess.

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