Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i” – Thanksgiving Brings Adventure and Heartbreak

Hau'oli La Ho'omaika'i (Happy Thanksgiving)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i” (which is Hawaiian for “Happy Thanksgiving”), the team gets a very important case and Steve gets a visit from a beloved family member with a secret.

Oh show, how you fooled me into thinking that this episode would be just one big ball of fun. The first scene had our boys and the rest of their friends and family enjoying a fun game of football. The music was rocking, Steve was shirtless and life was good.

But then all of that changed.

Soon Steve’s aunt Deb was visiting (played by the amazing Carol Burnett) and we found out just how much she sacrificed to raise Mary after Doris faked her death. As if that wasn’t enough to tug at my heart strings, we also discovered that Deb was suffering from inoperable cancer and had come to Hawaii to spend her last Thanksgiving with them and to say goodbye.

Then, as if all that wasn’t enough to make this episode anything but a fluff piece for the holiday, the team ends up on a case that just so happens to involve thwarting an assassination of the president… well, sort of. At least that’s what the guys thought they were doing for most of the episode and I almost started to believe it after a while. Though a part of me did suspect that it wasn’t about the president and, in true Hawaii Five-0 style, the twist was revealed in he end when it turned out to be someone else who was the target.

Whether they technically saved the president didn’t really matter, because in the end Five-0 got to be there to greet POTUS when he landed and watching Danny go all fanboy over that was fantastic.

My favorite bits:

So much good stuff in the opening scene. The boys playing football with all their friends and family, the music, all of it was awesome. Plus Larry Manetti. I vote that the family football game becomes a new tradition in every Thanksgiving episode.

“I just want to thank my hands for being so awesome.”

Haha! Do I detect a touch of jealousy from Danny about Grover?

Steve’s turkey reminder going off on his phone.

Mary hitting the turkey with a hair dryer. Yep. I knew something like that was going to happen when Steve said Mary was his prep cook.

Carol Burnett. That is all.

Aunt Deb pointing out that the little bit of gray made Steve look distinguished, but not so much the tattoos.

Danny asking was his chances were of eating turkey that day.

Finding out what Aunt Deb gave up to raise Mary.

Deb calling the guy at the meat counter “hairnet.” And now I see where some of Steve’s attitude comes from.

Chin and Kono’s phone call. Everyone finding out their victim was Secret Service. Whoa.

“Your aunt got arrested. I didn’t see that coming.” – Me neither.

Deb using the word “narc” multiple times.

Totally knowing that Aunt Deb had cancer before she said it.

Steve telling Deb that she needed to fight. Of course he would say that, but I understood why she decided not to.

Deb asking Steve to make sure that the cop who picked her up was good looking.

Two hours to find the man planning to assassinate the president? Ha! This is Five-0 you’re talking to, buddy.

“You got a second for me?”
“For you, I got a whole minute.” – Aw factor = 11 (on a scale of 1 to 10).

Deb asking Catherine to take her to the most beautiful spot on the island.

Danny having to tell Steve that he couldn’t change Deb’s mind and that they shouldn’t spend their last Thanksgiving together fighting.

Giggling my head off at Grover’s baby talk to the guy after they shot him.

Deb asking Catherine to make sure that Steve and Mary stayed close.

Steve pulling out all the stops to find out who the hit was really on.

Chin taking down the assassin. Whew!

Everyone ribbing Danny for being so nevous about meeting the president.

“The first time? When did you meet the president.”
“I can’t tell you that, it’s classified.”

Danny asking how he looked. Haha!

Wondering what Steve’s contingency plan for Thanksgiving was.

Steve reassuring Mary that they would tell baby Joan all about her Aunt Deb.

Carol Burnett singing. Need I really say more?

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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