Haven Season 4 Review “Shot in the Dark”

Haven Season 4 Episode 11 Monster's Ball (3)

Haven went Blair Witch this week when a couple of ghost chasers arrive in town, hot on the trail of a heart-snatching monster. It was a fluffier episode than we’ve had in recent weeks, which was simultaneously nice and unnerving.

The episode begins with the arrival of the monster chasers and a bloody crime scene. The usual for Haven. The meddling duo is intent on exposing the town’s secrets, and they mock the excuses that are typically given to cover up the fallout from the troubles. There was another reference to the Haven “gas leak” story – which was funny the first couple of times, but is becoming a little too shticky now. I didn’t mind the diversion from the heavier William/Audrey storyline, but I could’ve done without the shaky camera shots.

The monster is a creation of William – not the result of a trouble. I like this twist because it gives lots more options when it comes to the town’s problems. It also doesn’t have the pesky baggage that comes when a human is responsible. This particular bad guy is after all children born on a certain date – not-coincidentally, the same date as Jennifer.

I am hoping that there is no plan to get rid of Jennifer. As I see it, if Jennifer has the power to open the door, there is a chance that she can push William back into the other dimension. What will that mean for Audrey, though? Audrey confesses to Vincent that she suspects William is telling the truth that she is the cause of the troubles. We know that there is some bad version of Audrey lurking underneath the many layers of her personality. When it comes down to trapping William, will this alternate personality try to save him?

We only have a couple episodes left, so it seems like there’s going to be a quick ramp up for getting Jennifer involved. Jennifer realizes that she is the target of the monster, but also discovers that she may have a connection to the guard. Audrey now believes that Jennifer may be a part of the solution for stopping William.

I am also wondering if the Guard is going to reemerge in some meaningful capacity before the end of the season. Jennifer sees the Guard symbol on the book, which indicates that she has some sort of connection with that group. I had the impression that the Guard was more than just a goon squad, so it would be good to have a more significant connection between it and the fight for Haven’s soul.

I like that Nathan’s support of Audrey hasn’t wavered. But, I’m not sure that he realizes what he’s dealing with. If evil Audrey emerges, I am not sure Nathan will have the heart to stop her. Nathan was willing to sacrifice himself to stop the troubles, but we already know that he’s not able to let Audrey make the same decision.

I would say that this was the strongest episode of the season, but it also feels like the calm before the storm.

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