Drifters Series 1 Review “Friend Night Stand”


Ah, a mistaken sexuality episode – sitcoms like this kind of episode because it allows the writers to try out their tightrope walk between hilarious and offensive and, for the most part, this week’s Drifters managed to stay balanced on that wire. In the episode, ‘Friend Night Stand’, Meg makes a new friend and, not knowing that she is a lesbian, invites her to sleep over. It’s not until the next morning that Laura and Bunny point out how that situation might easily be misconstrued.

The episode was definitely helped by how charming said friend was and, despite the rampant stereotyping (which was actually played on with the motorcycle), the writing also clawed it back with the revelation that Meg might actually have been more into it than her. Meg is that kind of awkward character that would, in life, probably react like this, and maybe Drifters shouldn’t be punished for reflecting an all too common attitude towards gay people. That said, there’s no doubt it’s a mildly ugly thing to reflect.

Laura had another terrible, yet quite amusing, storyline when she was approached by a semi-famous footballer who thought she was a burlesque dancer from a nearby club. The sexy dance was a great bit of physical comedy but, aside from those short moments, the whole thing fell a bit flat. I don’t know if it has to do with the actress or the material she’s being given, but Laura is by far my least favourite thing on Drifters. Bunny, meanwhile, continued to be the breakout star with a new boyfriend and a much healthier attitude towards her sexuality that Meg.

What did you think of the episode? Am I missing something with Laura? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.