Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Somebody That I Used To Know” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10 Somebody That I Used To Know (10)
After last week’s Callie-centered episode of Grey’s Anatomy, it was nice to get back to the dynamics across the larger group. I love Callie, but there were so many things left hanging at the end of the Halloween episode – including the shocking revelation about Bailey’s OCD.

With things not improving with Meredith, Christina was looking to “release” some tension. With Owen now dating someone else, she turned to Shane for some “comfort.” I think I’m officially tired of attending/intern relations. Enough! Who is responsible for cleaning the on-call room? That person should be given a raise and a statute in front of the hospital.

Full disclosure, I haven’t really been paying attention to what is so magical about Meredith’s fork-producing printer, but it continued to be a point of contention between the twisted sisters. I’ve also officially lost count of how many times Christina and Meredith have lashed out at each other over ten episodes this season. There was one slight surprise this week as Shane stood up for Christina after Meredith’s last rant. Here’s my question – both Christina and Meredith are on the hospital board, why haven’t they just gone to the board with this issue?

I liked the impromptu dinner with the interns and Dr. Webber, but I’m concerned that he doesn’t seem to want to leave the hospital yet. What’s going on there? And again, where was Catherine? By the way, last night’s episode was directed by Debbie Allen.

Thank goodness Ben is home. Bailey might not be thrilled, but I am frightened by the prospect of what would become of her if she were alone. Ben shared his concerns with Derek, who then passed the news on to Owen. That obviously didn’t go over well with Bailey, but it needed to be done.

As for the rest of the night’s drama, I think it’s clear that things will not end well with April and Matthew. Stephanie finally got a clue last night and realized that the April/Jackson tension is not a one-way occurrence. I just wish the writers would rip the band-aid off of this one and get it over with. Speaking of doomed pairings, I really hope this Leah/Callie/Arizona awkwardness doesn’t become a thing. I know, wishful thinking. This is Grey’s Anatomy, of course we’re going to get several episodes of the three trying to figure out how to work together without it getting too strange.

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