Simon Baker & Bruno Heller on The Mentalist Season 6 “Red John” Episode & More

The Mentalist Red John

After six years of waiting to find out Red John’s identity, the time is almost here. This Sunday’s episode of The Mentalist will finally give us the answer we’ve all been dying to know. And as we’re inching closer to the big reveal, creator and executive producer Bruno Heller and Patrick Jane himself, Simon Baker, took part in a conference call to answer some of our burning questions about the “Red John” episode and the future of the show post-Red John.

Part of that conversation will be shared after the episode airs so as to avoid spoilers, so make sure to come back to TV Equals for more this Sunday November 24th, but for now here is something to tie you over until then.

On what Bruno Heller can tease about the episode

“If you think you know what’s happening and you know where it’s going, you might be wrong and you should watch this episode to find out.”

On when he figured out Red John’s identity

Bruno Heller explained, “It kind of just emerged over the last couple of years. There was always 3 or 4 possibilities and it just happened really. It seemed like the natural correct choice.”

On how are things going to evolve from there for Patrick Jane

Heller described Patrick Jane as “this tragic figure who has found the evil grail he has been chasing all these years years.” He added that the question remains, “what does that do to him as a person? Can he begin a new life and what kind of life does he want for himself? How will he define himself now that that part of his life is over?”

On whether Patrick Jane might have some kind of love life

Heller teased, “He might.”

On the Lisbon and Jane relationship and bond

Baker shared that their bond would be “even stronger.” And Heller added that, “they’ve been so engrossed in this massive task ahead of them but they haven’t looked around and looked at the people alongside of them and thought about who those people are and what they mean to them,’ he continued, “and now jane and Lisbon have a chance to take a breath and think about a each other in a way that they haven’t before.”

On why they decided to reveal Red John’s identity now

Heller described the making of the decision like “a marriage or kind of partnership.” He explained, “How long is Red John driving the story and at what point does it become an anchor,” he added “and it just seemed like this was the right time.”

Baker added, “these last 5-6 months we’ve been working on the show it’s been really exciting for me, it felt like I’ve had this enthusiasm that I had in the first season because it’s new and fresh from week to week and it’s going somewhere. Because sometimes the frustration for me as an actor is that we’re not going anywhere, not moving forward and with this we’re definitely going somewhere and the stakes are high and it gives me something to do that I can really get my teeth into.”

Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday, November 24th and watch The Mentalist “Red John” episode at 10pm on CBS, then make sure to come back to TV Equals for even more from the discussion with Bruno Heller and Simon Baker.