Sons of Anarchy Season 6 “Aon Rud Persanta” Review

Being left speechless after watching an episode of Sons of Anarchy is not an uncommon experience, but the show reached new heights this week in what will easily go down as one of the most memorable episodes of the entire series. Although I fully expected the effort to break Clay out of jail would be bloody, I had no idea whose blood would run.

It’s tempting to go back and do a play-by-play of Clay’s breakout, the take down of the Irish and Clay’s comeuppance, however, I’m going to focus on the best part of the episode – the subtle, nuanced, brilliant acting of Ron Perlman. Perlman didn’t have a ton of lines in the episode, but he said so much more with his facial expressions and body language.

Perlman’s highlight reel:

– The expression on Clay’s face in the prison van when he realized that it was the Sons taking charge of his escape. From that initial exchange of looks with Jax, Clay knew that there was a new plan in place.

– The embrace of Juice. Although I think the sentiment was sincere, Clay had to know that showing affection to Juice in that moment was a bit of a mind f**k.

– The dialogue with Jax as Clay told the club how he would resolve the problem with the Irish, which was his way of letting them know that he understood and accepted the new plan. Most people would have tried to find a way out, make one last play, but up until his last breath Clay was nothing less than stoic.

– Goodbye to Gemma number 1: In his own way and with his limited means, Clay has been trying to address and atone for some of his wrongs all season. In particular, he’s been trying to make things right with Gemma and free her from the weight of their turbulent relationship, which was definitely full of love but also riddled with lies, secrets and violence. Like all of the men who love her, Clay understood that Gemma cannot be alone. I thought it was sweet that he told her that he was happy that she wouldn’t be.

– Goodbye to Gemma number 2: In his final moments, Clay looked at the one person he loved most and smiled right before taking a bullet to the throat and dying a gruesome death.

Ron Perlman has been long overdue for recognition of his portrayal of Clay on Sons of Anarchy. Sadly, the show and the cast is completely overlooked year after year, so I won’t hold my breath. Sons of Anarchy fans may know that Ron Perlman was not the initial choice to portray Clay. In fact, a different actor was in the original pilot and the show runners decided to recast the role with Perlman and shoot another pilot episode. That fateful moment undoubtedly changed the series for the better. Can you imagine anyone else in the role of Clay? He might have been flawed and at times evil, but Clay Morrow has been part of the heart and soul of this series.

I wouldn’t call it a criticism, but I really wish that we could have seen the club vote. The last time Clay’s fate was before the club, Bobby was the lone dissenting vote and was not inclined to sign off on the execution of the former SAMCRO president. Bobby took this stance despite Jax’s revelation regarding Clay’s involvement in the deaths of John Teller and Piney, as well as his attempted murder of Tara. Jax was careful to point out that the vote was unanimous. What changed, Bobby?

Nero and Unser

After their funny pairing last week, Nero and Unser were back at it again this week. Although the two didn’t have another awkward car ride this week, they were each involved in scenes this episode that were as pivotal as the bloody massacre at the airport hanger.

Indeed, Unser finally revealed what we and Gemma have known the entire time – he’s in love with her. No shocker there. However, it was refreshing to see him really take her to task for her inability to see Tara’s point of view. FINALLY, someone mentions how the Winston family has been obliterated because of SAMCRO – Donna, Opie and Piney. Perhaps that roll call of the dead will help Gemma understand why Tara resorted to such a sinister plan in a desperate attempt to prevent her kids from facing a similar fate.

Gemma got another round of the “see it from Tara’s side” speech from Nero. In last week’s review, I mentioned that I was frustrated with the companionator because I think he is sensible enough to understand why Tara set Gemma up. Between Unser and Nero, there just might be a chance for healing and forgiveness – provided Tara doesn’t take Patterson’s offer and sell out the club.

I was also glad to get some indication that Nero had given serious consideration to what it means to be married to Gemma. I loved his response to her marriage proposal. Of course, Gemma didn’t directly kill John or Clay, but there is something to be said about what it means to be married to her.

Other thoughts/observations . . .

– Tara still can’t catch a break. Her new attorney has quite the crappy attitude.

– Liked the nod to Reservoir Dogs.

– Of course they had to use the pink truck.

– “I suddenly feel the need for speed.” Never change, Tiggy.

– Is this the second time Bobby has been shot in the shoulder?

– Does anyone else think that Half Sack was on to something when he stole that ambulance?

– Are the guys really savvy enough to stage a crime scene that would completely absolve them of criminal liability for the prison escape that took the life of at least one cop?

– So . . . did the club vote on those adorable grey jumpsuits?

– I’m no fan of Galen, but I will miss seeing Tim Murphy on the show. I’m still not convinced that Jax’s proposed working relationship with August will go over well. Last time he floated the idea the clubhouse was blown to smithereens. The other Irish Kings appear to be a little more sensible than Galen, but I’m still nervous.

– Allow me to state the obvious for a moment – Abel and Tommy are the cutest little kids!!!

This week, I’m passing on the poll and social support. Instead, I want to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend that is Clarence “Clay” Morrow. The ultimate anti-hero, Clay did have a few good moments on the show. Let’s pour out a little for the man and reminisce . . .

Showing mercy to Lowell Harland, Jr. (I know, I know – Clay killed his dad.)

He dropped everything and ran to Jax’s side when Abel was kidnapped. He kept Jax’s head straight and put a lot on the line to go to Ireland and get Abel back.

Despite her fears, Clay showed nothing but love and support for Gemma after learning that she was raped.

He gave a pretty entertaining sermon.

He killed a child rapist. (I know, I know he used it to blackmail Oswald.)

Despite their many disagreements, I saw nothing but love and respect in Clay’s eyes for Jax at the end of season three as the guys headed off to prison.

He wasn’t perfect, but he will be missed. With Clay’s death, the SAMCRO original 9 are no more.

So what now, Jax? The past is dead and buried. You’re free to lead without the weight of the past looming over you, where do we go from here? What will become of the Teller family? Although she might seriously consider it, I don’t think Tara is going to cooperate with the DA. What do you think? Sound off on this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy below!