Nashville Season 2 Review “Hanky Panky Woman”

Nashville Season 2 Episode 8 Hanky Panky Woman (29)

This week’s episode of Nashville, ‘Hanky Panky Woman’, was another big stage-set hour of the show which, unlike in previous examples, actually managed to almost seamlessly involve every character. Rayna was there to support both Scarlett and Wheeler, Gunnar was there writing songs and Deacon… well I don’t think even Deacon knew why he was there, but the story demanded it. The two leftovers – Juliette and Avery – stayed behind to rekindle their friendship/flirtation, and she’s finally starting to open up to someone. I want these two together so much, but now doesn’t feel like the right time.

The only reason I quite like these tour episodes is because we end up getting a lot of music, and all of the tracks played in this episode were great. I like Scarlett’s number and I also like Gunnar’s hit for Wheeler and Rayna, and that’s forgetting about the brief glimpse we got of Juliette and Avery’s little duet. Nashville is at its best when the characters are singing, and sometimes the soapy plot lines and rivalries get in the way of that. Then again, it’s a television series and not a reality show, which is why we’re still dealing with Teddy and Peggy every darn week.

On the plus side, Teddy now knows about the miscarriage and he’s being a good guy about it but, contrary to that is the lengths Peggy went to just to get him down the aisle. The sight of that tub of pigs blood went too far for me, and I’d be happier watching this storyline get forgotten about than I would be seeing it continue. Thank god we got to have some fun with Rayna and Wheeler, who are acting like love’s young dream while Deacon figures out how he can get his career, and probably his relationship, back on track. I like that he’s determined to be on top again – it’s much better than self-pitying, alcoholic Deacon we’ve been with for a few weeks.

Poor Scarlett had a pretty rough week as she choked in front of her first arena crowd. Admittedly her nerves weren’t helped by all of the craziness between Rayna and their management and, even after she did much better the following night, she’s realized how ill-suited she is to the touring lifestyle. In an ideal world, she could stick to playing small venues and writing songs with Gunnar but, with so many people believing in her, that doesn’t seem like an option. To Rayna, that would seem like giving up, and she just has to put on the fake smile and false confidence until someone notices her how unhappy it makes her.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Juliette and Avery could ever be more than friends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.