Survivor Blood vs. Water Review “Big Bad Wolf”

Survivor Blood vs. Water returned tonight with the very interesting episode in “Big Bad Wolf”, as our jury starts to take shape and we have our most compelling “blood vs. water” moment. The new twist of this season was very interesting in theory, but it hasn’t really been used very much. Tonight changed all that, with a very emotional final scene and a huge move.

Before we get to all of the crazy voting and backstabbing, we unfortunately saw Aras leave the game officially. I was very sad to see him go. I realize that he’s already won the game, and I don’t think he would be able to convince a jury to give him another million, but he just seems like such a genuinely kind and gracious guy. He was also being so cool about it, congratulating the remaining players and all. I’m gonna miss that guy!

It was pretty funny having so much screen time for Katie after she’s had a grand total of about 25 seconds of screen time so far this season. I was hoping that she would at least try to find the idol after getting that super easy clue. I mean, the clue had a freakin’ picture on it that pointed directly to where the idol was buried! It doesn’t get any more cut and dry than that! I was hoping that Katie would have an iota of her mom’s competitive nature and strategy, but apparently the apple fell pretty far from the tree.

I’m not sure why Ciera is so resistant to the idea of voting out her mom. Look, I know that it’s a tough emotional decision to make, but it would really help her out! It would not only solidify her allegiance to the boys alliance, but a jury would eat that up with a spoon. Voting out your own mother to get yourself further in the game? That’s like catnip for a jury! You’d assume the guys would keep her around, too, because they’re all so cocky that they think they could beat her. She could also win a couple immunity challenges, too. Who knows?

It turns out she did try to make some moves tonight, which really intimidated Tyson. Ciera does get the designation of being the only person so far in this game that Tyson has actually contemplated, instead of just insulting their intelligence like he does. It looks like he might actually get some people to turn on him next week, so I can’t wait to see what happens!

Random Thoughts:

– I love how the Survivor editors are always using the surroundings of the game to accentuate the happenings of the game itself. A good example tonight was showing a thunderclap as soon as Katie said that she was doomed.

– The jury being in play always gets me excited, because that means that it’s Ponderosa time! If you aren’t watching the Ponderosa mini-series on, then you need to go check it out!

– What did you guys think about Monica’s move? Was she trying to be a genuinely nice person? Or is she still trying to atone for the bad taste that Brad left in everyone’s mouth?