Ravenswood Season 1 Review “Scared to Death”

Ravenswood Episode 5 Scared to Death (5)

On the final episode of “Ravenswood” of the year, the gang did their best not to get “Scared to Death,” despite the best efforts of a little girl, Max, and possibly other cohorts- some expected, some not so expected. Max was indeed on the show previously, cropping up on “Pretty Little Liars” as well, with another girl in a red coat that appeared to be a little person, possibly her mother- though it was never clarified and we only got a brief glimpse.

Not sure what’s going on with her, but it would appear that she was trying to get the survivors of the wreck killed by luring them to a house and trying to literally scare them to death. Caleb’s relative Henry, was not so lucky, as he was indeed confirmed dead at the beginning of the episode, with Collins saying it would seem as he had, in fact, been frightened to death. But was Collins only trying to freak Caleb out, hoping for him to meet the same fate?

Whatever the case, Collins and Max almost succeeded in taking Caleb out, as he took a nasty tumble out the window of the haunted house that everyone ended up at towards the end of the episode. In fact, he was dead enough to be able to touch Miranda, but she persuaded him to go back, saying it wasn’t his time yet, even though he was prepared to stay. So, in the end, everyone got out alive, albeit barely.

The big reveal wasn’t about Collins and Grunwald being up to something, or even the little girl being creepy- we knew all that already. Instead, it was that, of all people, Dillon, Liv’s boyfriend, was also in on it, and had intentionally helped steer the remaining four to the wall in the basement of the Savings and Loan that they found the corpses in, which led them to the haunted house where Miranda’s parents allegedly lived and Miranda was being held by her faux parents, who turned out to be posers who didn’t know key info about her. Note also that Grunwald tried to steer them there as well, so I guess she can’t be trusted, either.

Other developments: the corpses were Thomas and Esther, who apparently walled themselves up behind a wall, in hopes of bringing the old Caleb and Miranda back. Had they succeeded? Were the current Miranda and Caleb the old ones somehow made immortal? Caleb doubted that part of it, but did agree that it would appear that the older version of everyone died on a shipwreck after old-school Caleb and Miranda were married.

At the same time that was going down, Collins was digging up Miranda and snipping off another lock of her hair, which he put in a jar at the end of the episode. “They’re still alive,” confirmed Grunwald. Was that a good thing or a bad one? It would appear to be bad, but that might be just what they want us to think. Whatever the case, Dillon and Max both worried that “he” was going to be “very unhappy.” Was “he” Collins? Or someone else?

Some nice moments throughout, both of the scary and funny variety. For the former, we finally got a Hanna (Ashley Benson, of “Pretty Little Liars”) cameo, with an adorably dorky moment involving teddy bears- he wisely told her to stay out of Ravenswood and that he would come to her instead, when she tried to set up a dinner reservation at a local restaurant. Also, Luke continues his upward spiral, as I noted last episode: “If I gotta be the one to start cheering people up, it’s going to be pretty dire around here.” LOL. Later on, he surrendered to the group party line, saying: “I can’t make it go away unless I accept it’s real, so welcome to the new normal.” If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, I guess.

On the scary side, we, of course, had little Max, making like “The Exorcist” and turning her head around to face her back in one scene, and making like “Chucky” of “Child’s Play” in the other: “Wanna play?” Um, no thanks. Why don’t you run along and find those twins from “The Shining”? I’ll just be over here. Creep city! Those wicked smiles she kept giving the camera were pretty unnerving, too. I guess we haven’t seen the last of her, if her tête-à-tête with Dillon was any indication- not to mention her rendezvous with the ravens at the very end. What the what was that about?

Although this wasn’t originally intended as a mid-season finale, it still played fairly decently as one. I wouldn’t have minded if they had kept going, but I get why they waited. Maybe they’ll extend the season a bit since they postponed the back half of the episodes they already shot for next year. Who knows? We shall see, I suppose.

What did you think of the season of “Ravenswood” so far? Prefer this to “Pretty Little Liars”? What do you think is going on? Will Hanna come running when she finds out what happened? Will she ever find out what happened, period? What’s up with the little girl and Dillon? How about Collins and Grunwald? Sound off on your crazy theories below, and see you next year!