NCIS Season 11 Review “Gut Check” – It Takes More Than a Uniform

Gut Check

In this episode of NCIS, called “Gut Check,” the team meets Bishop, a woman who’s quirky, smart and tough and just might end up being the right fit to replace Ziva.

I think Gibbs would be very proud of me right now because I am going with my gut on how I feel about Bishop. I’m cautiously optimistic and so far, I think she’s pretty cool. She seems to be the perfect combination of Kate and Ziva – tough and smart, but also quirky. I like all of those qualities so that makes liking her pretty easy to do. Whether or not she’ll be the perfect fit for the team is something that I will wait to decide until I see more interaction with all of them.

I will say now that one of the things that I liked about how they introduced her was the fact that they showed us her flaws right out of the gate. Bishop was so used to working alone in her own little world with her earbuds and her food, that she forgot how to work with a team. It nearly got her killed and didn’t please Gibbs at all, but he accepted her apology/explanation and even offered her a place on the team. sort of.

It looks like, for now anyway, Bishop will be working jointly with NCIS and NSA. That is, if she takes the job, but I mean who wouldn’t take the job, right?

Only one episode under her belt so far and Bishop has already had some interesting moments. I expected her to interact with everyone and for her to discover all their fun little qualities. One moment that I didn’t expect, but surprisingly enjoyed, was the quiet scene between her and Porter. I can’t say that I’ve felt like Porter was part of the team yet, but watching Bishop and Porter together made me wonder if we could see Porter more closely involved with them from time to time. Porter and Bishop seemed to have a little connection there, which was fun to see.

Also, and I’m just going to throw this out there, but I was actually quite relieved to see that Bishop was married (at least I’m assuming she is, because of the ring). I think the last thing we need at this point is to have a new teammate that could bring any sort of sexual tension with her and having her married is a great way to avoid that road altogether. I’m so happy that we can just have a woman be a part of the team and not have it go in the “will they/won’t they” direction. I’m not even saying that it would necessarily have been with Tony, it could be Gibbs for all I know, I just know that I’m glad it (hopefully) will never be a part of her character.

A woman working with three men without sexual tension? Thank you, show.

My favorite bits:

Poor Tony trying to do anything to make conversation with Norma.

Tony proving why telling Gibbs about his new tennis pro girlfriend wouldn’t give him the “pah” he was looking for.

“I didn’t think you wanted me to pat down the United States Secretary of the Navy, sir.”

Tony reminding Secretary Porter that he had two mouths to feed at home – his goldfish. Aw.

Gibbs telling Porter that, until he had more evidence, she was going to get the benefit of the doubt.

Totally agreeing with Tony on not telling McGee about the Star Trek chairs. They were pretty awesome.

“Make it so, Number One.”

Finding out that Bishop apparently had her own set of rules.

The looks on Gibbs and Ducky’s faces when Bishop jumped up on the autopsy table.

“Don’t let the chaos fool you, this is just how I work.”

Bishop is married? Interesting.

Finding it funny that Bishop sat on Ziva’s old desk, but not actually at it.

The entire conversation between Bishop and Abby. Especially the parts that involved just a paper and pen.

Abby wondering if Stalin’s mustache was supposed to be ironic.

“Who’s Kate?”
“That would take a few hours and a whole box of tissues.” – Yes, it would. *sniffs*

Poor Bishop finding out that Flynderling had been killed.

McGee and Tony both offering Bishop money for a soda.

The conversation between Porter and Bishop.

“You got a gun, Ado Annie?”
“I left it in my surrey with a fringe on top. Don’t quote Oklahoma to me.”

“She pulled a Palmer on this guy, boss.” – Ha! I totally thought the same thing when she did it.

Gibbs letting Bishop go in and pretend to be Stalin’s lawyer. Loved it when she yelled at Gibbs and when Tony just played along.

“What, did you read a book on disarming bad guys?”
“Three older brothers. Quit squirming!”

Gibbs informing Bishop that she was still missing the point.

Gibbs tricking Davis into bad-mouthing Porter.

“Takes more than a uniform to make a team.”

Finding out that Bishop had applied for NCIS before she took the assignment with NSA.

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