Awkward Season 3 Review “A Very Special Episode of Awkward” & “Less Than Hero”


Oh dear. We may finally have reached Jenna’s rock bottom on Awkward’s hour-long special, ‘A Very Special Episode of Awkward’ and ‘Less Than Hero’, but it’s taken us a lot of strife and turmoil to get there. The first half of the hour was about showing how far she’s drifted away from her friends and family, while the second half let her dig her own grave. Was it good? Yes. But was it pleasant to watch? Not exactly.

I really liked the idea of creating an After School Special (or A.S.S.) for Jenna, since it brought back the much-missed meta aspect of the show and did a good job of re-establishing the fact that Awkward was never going to tread the familiar path with this storyline. What other show has their protagonist become the villain of the series – the cheatee rather than the cheater – all while pushing the warped perspective of the antagonist, in this case Sadie, into the spotlight? Her interpretation of Jenna was hilariously accurate.

But Jenna’s reaction to watching her life played out on film was what finally pushed her to the edge. After alienating Lacey at the end of last week, the only person she really had to rely on was Val, and her English assignment killed that too. Words have power and, although Jenna knows that, she should know better than to publish deliberately vindictive things. Did she learn nothing from her journal being published last season? Or her own carefrontation letter? She ended up with Matty in her arms, sure, but there are only so many times her world can implode before it becomes unfixable.

With Jenna seeing Colin and the world he’s dragged her into for what it really is in the second episode, the crushing realisation hits her – she had the perfect, idyllic teenage life, and she threw it away for a taste of the forbidden fruit. Colin isn’t the studious, intelligent guy she was first attracted to and, now that she no longer has him, Matty’s seeming like pretty solid boyfriend material. The way he’s been with her since the breakup has been nothing short of outstanding, and she’s been rude to him at every opportunity. Now she has to win her friends back, and it’s not going to be easy.

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