Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Review “The Well”

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 8 The Well (6)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returned tonight with “The Well” the highly anticipated and publicized companion episode to the feature film Thor: The Dark World. With the movie cleaning up in the worldwide box office over the past few weeks, I was definitely interested to see how this episode would turn out. After all, you couldn’t expect everyone to have seen the movie, so any story tie-ins would have to be as light as possible.

Thankfully, the tie-ins to the film were tenuous at best. We really just had an opening recap/advertisement for the two Thor films, with a helpful little narration by Simmons. All you really had to know was that London got beat up a little bit, and that’s the reason for the team being there at the beginning of the episode. Most of the Agents of SHIELD episodes that we’ve seen can be whittled down to “Mystical doo-dads interact poorly with humans”, and that’s basically what we got tonight. It didn’t really matter that the staff was Asgardian, it was just a convenient way to tie in the episode to the new Marvel film.

The most interesting development from this fancy staff was what it did to Ward, as his inner rage was unleashed after touching the staff. I’m not sure why he didn’t immediately get the same super strength that everybody else got after touching them. He only appeared to get his strength after touching the second staff, but it worked out so that he could get his strength just in time for that awesome final fight scene.

This fight scene was being cut into by some great flashbacks for Ward. You would have assumed that the little kid in the well was him, but it was a great piece of misdirection to find out that he was in fact the kid watching this other kid drown. We were never told who that kid in the well was, right? Was it another one of his brothers? Or just a friend? Either way, it was a great piece of character development as we learn even more about Ward’s dark past.

Speaking of dark pasts, I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see anything from May’s flashback. We know she’s been holding back this mysterious dark event from her past, but I wish that we saw just a brief glimpse of what it was. Even if it was just a flash of someone’s face, or a single shot of something to get the fanboys theorizing and pondering the possibilities.

The possibility that we will be pondering is what happened between May and Ward in that final scene! We’re supposed to assume that they slept together, right? So are they sleeping together just because their all emotionally screwed up after touching those staffs? Or are they just blowing off steam because they’re both so utilitarian and tough? Maybe sex isn’t as big of an emotional deal to two hardcore killing machines like them, but I’m sure that Skye won’t feel the same way if she finds out what happens. Either way, that’s definitely not the pairing I was expecting to see, so I’m glad that Agents of SHIELD is subverting my expectations!

The actual case of the week was the same aforementioned storyline of “Mystical doo-dad interacts poorly with humans”, but we were introduced to character actor Peter MacNicol’s Elliot Randolph, an Asgardian warrior that’s been chilling on Earth for thousands of years. I hope this guy makes a return in a later episode, as he’s always a fun presence on my TV.

The tag at the end was yet another piece of the Tahiti puzzle, as we see Coulson enjoying a massage by a beautiful woman at a picturesque beach. This is most likely some sort of brainwashing that Coulson is remembering, so I’m hoping we get more and more of this as the series progresses.

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Random Thoughts:

– The ABC snowflake watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen is a little too big for my liking. It was so dang big that a small part of the bottom of the watermark wasn’t even fitting on my 55″ screen!

– Did anybody else notice that when Agent May knocked that girl back with the staff, she flew back and hit the camera? I think this is the first time they’ve played with the camera like that, so that was pretty fun.

– I didn’t actually get to see Thor: The Dark World yet. Were there any other easter eggs or references in here that I didn’t catch?