Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 3 (Channel 4) Review


There are three happy(ish) couples at the start of the third episode of Fresh Meat’s latest series, but I don’t think it’s a massive spoiler to say that they don’t necessarily stay that way for the duration of the episode. Josie and Kinglsey clash over their respective ideas of a romantic camping holiday, Vod tries to leave Javier at a remote shopping centre, and Howard and JP are still butting heads over the same sexy psychology student. The latter storyline plays out over a charity quiz evening, which turns out to just be a ploy by Howard to make JP look stupid in front of their mutual love interest.

I’m pleasantly surprised by where the Javier/Vod storyline ended up in this episode as, after the hilarity of watching her try to lose her new husband in a department store because she needed her space, I wasn’t expecting the sweet and rather touching goodbye they ultimately ended up having – complete with the gesture of a Pret a Manger crayfish sandwich. Have we seen the last of him? It seems that way but, this being Fresh Meat, I doubt they can let this go when it’s so juicy with storyline possibilities. Javier turned out to be a surprisingly entertaining character, and I’d be quite sad to see him go.

Speaking of not letting things go, Shales is back on the scene. Can Oregon ever just get a storyline that doesn’t feature this guy? In the first series it was him, and then the second she had his wife and son to deal with – now Candice has him teaching her first year English class and Oregon gets predictably jealous. She doesn’t know what she’s more put out by, to be fair – the possible flirtation with her old boyfriend or the fact that she’s read more books than her. It’s classic Oregon and exactly how you’d expect her to behave, but that doesn’t make it any less repetitive. Though I did enjoy her look of triumph when Candice found out about her and Shales’ affair.

Kingsley and Josie are now a proper couple (that is, until Heather comes back and discovers the lie) and, to Kingsley at least, that means they can now go on romantic camping weekends, watch the stars and stare into each other’s eyes. Josie, meanwhile, uses it as an excuse to get disgustingly drunk and hump in a field. Poor Kingsley bears his heart and soul to his new girlfriend but, when Josie fails to return his “I love you” and they discover a possibly broken condom from the night before, it turns into a nightmare weekend. Josie’s admission at the end that their relationship is the only mistake she’s never made was really cute, and almost made me like them together (I said almost).

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Fresh Meat airs on Channel 4 in the UK.