Boardwalk Empire Season 4 “Havre De Grace” Review

Although Sunday’s episode of Boardwalk Empire was mostly about the escalating war between Narcisse and Chalky, I will always remember it as the moment that Gillian Darmondy finally got a little bit of comeuppance.

From the first time he appeared on screen, I suspected that all was not what it appeared to be with Mr. Piggly Wiggly. By last week’s episode, I had resigned myself to the fact that his biggest secret was a wife. In classic Boardwalk Empire slow build, it turns out Mr. Piggly Wiggly was actually a Pinkerton.

Although I’m generally familiar with the historical events covered on the show, I had to do a little research to actually understand what a Pinkerton was. My only familiarity with Pinkertons were the security guards who protect money transfers. When founded, the agency provided both private security and detective work. At the height of the agency’s power, it employed more agents than there were standing members of the Army.

Mr. Piggly Wiggly offered to whisk Gillian away from Atlantic City to a new life, which led her to finally let go of Tommy. After a night on the town and a very well-planned fake murder, Gillian finally opened up to Mr. Piggly Wiggly about how she murdered faux-Jimmy last season with her lovely heroin. I loved Gretchen Mol’s performance as she realized that she was about to pay for her crimes. Ding dong the witch is, well she isn’t dead, but the life she’s known is certainly over.

After escaping yet another murder attempt, Chalky and Daughter sought refuge with Oscar Boneau (portrayed by Lou Gossett, Jr.). Oscar was kind of a Commodore-like figure, but he appeared a little less shady and much less resentful. He tried to impress upon Chalky a very important lesson that he ultimately learned the hard way – trust no one but yourself. Chalky and Daughter finally took a step back to evaluate their relationship as well as the consequences of it. A promise to go with Daughter anywhere she wanted was not enough to keep her around. It looks like she also wanted to make things right with Narcisse, which she tried to do by telling him where Chalky was hiding out. At the episode’s end, Chalky was a man who had lost a lot this season – his family, his mentor and potentially his role as leader in the black community. There’s no safe place for Chalky to hide, which means its time to return to the Northside and have a final face off with Dr. Narcisse.

Shortly before being carted off to jail for perjury, Gaston Means made a very timely call to Nucky about a skunk in his inner circle. Thanks to a bit of over-sharing by June, I’m pretty sure that Nucky knows that something is amiss with Eli.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire? Can Chalky and Narcisse both make it out of this season alive? If not, who survives? Nucky talks about getting out of the business every season. We he finally go through with it? Sound off below!